Friday, May 1, 2015

Jailbreak iOS 8.2. Apple or Pangu8?

Jailbreak iOS 8.2 for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Whos win? iPhone without jailbreak iOS 8.2 is like life without lifestyle. We have already talked about the fact that during the past few months the site owners and application developers fix approaches in their services with iOS 8.2 devices operating on the basis of the operating system, as the name that indicates «iOS 8.2". But last week, analysts have recorded a significant increase in traffic using such devices, which may be indicative of only one thing: testing the new operating system moved into the active phase.
The experts noted that the geographical location of those who come to the site with devices on iOS 8.2, the same thing - California. Vary only the city: in some cases it's Cupertino, in others - San Francisco. 75 percent of calls are made using the iPhone running on iOS 8.2, the remaining share - with the help of iPad running on iOS 8.2.

Pangu released new update named Pangu8 for jailbreak 8.1 iOS, but knows that Apple want to close this vulnerable. It's mean that new iOS 8.2 will be closed jailbreak future on iOS 8.2.


Adrian von Gegerfelt said...

"Jailbreak 8.2 for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Whos win?"

Who wins? Who's win? Who's winning? Winning over what?

Evad3rs.Net said...

Pangu team, TaiG team or Apple?

Moussa Sidibe said...

Bring JB for iOS 8.1.3

Moussa Sidibe said...

So when???????????

Stacey Myers said...

believe 8.1.3 will be skipped over for jailbreak and when 8.2 jailbreak is released apple may have already stopped signing 8.2 so my advice is to update and wait

bakhtyar mehmood said...

cool down bro i also waiting badly for jailbreak my ios 8.2

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