Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4

Are you ready for Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4? iOS 9 Download links will be released by Apple in June. How to go back to iOS 8.4? If you want downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4 for all compatible idevices, you must understand that is't very simple. How? Read this simple guide from us now:

Step 1: Turn Off + Connect to Mac / PC via USB
Step 2: Launch last version iTunes

Step 3: Enable device into DFU mode:

a) Turn off + Hold down the Power + Home buttons together for 10 seconds
b) Continue holding Home button until iTunes notifies you of a device enable "recovery mode".

Step 3: Restore via iOS 8.4 (last version iOS 8.X):

a) Restore from the iOS 8.4 backup.
b) Restore to iOS 8.4 IPSW by Option-Clicking the “Restore” button.

Step 4: Device will reboot when finished!!!

Ok. Don't forget: Apple will closed all downgrade features only after official iOS 9 release date in September. You can test new features in iOS 9 before september. It's very nice, because iOS 9 beta 1 will be released 8-th June. :)))


  1. iOS 9 is not ready. It hangs and is basically full of bugs.

  2. Wow! apple ois 9.0 is painfully excruciating! If I was a patient and Apple were a surgeon, I would be dead on the operating table! Apple, please treat your loyal customers with respect and dignity or are you too big to fail?


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