Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Much is Jailbreak on iOS 11?

How Much is Jailbreak on iOS 11? Recently, I hear more and more words that no one jailbreak creator wants to release new tools for jailbreak including Jailbreak iOS 11.1 and Jailbreak iOS 11.2.  I understand that most of us want to download jailbreak tools for free, but we must understand that no one can do it for free for the rest of his life. Jailbreak creators want to make money, get themselves a new computer and live a full life.

What is the best ios 11 Jailbreak price?

Jailbreak is a free utility that gives you the ability to install third-party programs on your iPhones and iPads. To perform a jailbreak, you need to download the utility from the official site, and then install it through a computer or through a safari. Don't forget that all confirmed iOS version and Jailbreak tools you can find here.

How Much is Jailbreak on iOS 11?
Jailbreak creators confirmed that jailbreak is free utility for all supported devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


BlueRaider said...

I'd glady pay $10 for jailbreak software. I think most people don't realize that if it's more profitable for researchers to sell jailbreak tools than sell exploits to government agencies that more and more jailbreaks will be released. I don't understand how somebody can with a $1,000 cell phone can bitch about paying $10 to gain root access to it.

Cuenta Basura said...

I agree. Jailbreak is the only reason to use IPhone. I would pay $10 if that would give me the Jailbreak to my IPhone.

Keith Petrella said...

I absolutely would pay a legitimate fee for a real jailbreak if jailbreak creators need the revenue to revitalize our jailbreak scene

Gia salfran said...

What ever they want it's ok $10 or $5 or free.we want jailbreak.

Unknown said...

I'd pay 50

Unknown said...

I would most definitely pay $10 for a jailbreak.. at the very least, everyone should donate something if they want the service. Let's get it put on the appstore as a paid app ;)