Wednesday, September 14, 2016

iOS 10 Size vs iOS 9.

iOS 10 size vs iOS 9. Earlier this week, Apple introduced a new iOS 10 of its mobile operating system. As part of the main presentation of the company said is not all the features of iOS 10, so the network is literally pop up daily some new details. Every day we can see new features in iOS 10. Sometimes they are strange.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

iOS 10 Maps App or Most Popular Navigation Apps.

iOS 10 - the biggest update in a series of recent announcements Apple. Today we want to tell you some thing about iOS 10 maps app or most popular navigation apps. Apple's developers think of those who prefer the standard built-in maps Apple iOS 10 Maps.

IOS 10 Error 14, How To Fix It

How to fix iOS 10 Error 14. Some iPhone and iPad users who installed first iOS 10 beta 1 and try to restore your data from a backup, got an "error 14", which resulted in the recovery was impossible. On the one hand, we can test clear iOS 10, but without recovery of their data to work with the new iOS 10 is unlikely to succeed.

iOS 10 Dark Mode Design Theme has future.

IOS 10 dark mode design theme. Four days ago lots of iPhone owners can see messages that Apple will be release thei dark desgn theme on iOS 10. We wait... Wait... And... Nothing. But yesterday Jailbreak developer Andy Wilk posted on Twitter screenshots modified iMessage app, for which the Dark Mode is enabled mode.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

iOS 10. How To Delete Default Apps. Lies or True.

iOS 10. How To Delete Default Apps. The first installed the beta version of the operating system iOS 10 found in the system feature that allows you to remove the standard applications. Yesterday we wrote  that new functionality removes default iPhone and iPad apps, and reinstall them on the device is performed using the App Store store, but... It's not true.

iOS 10 Camera. You can open camera, make shot and listen your music every time.

iOS 10 has good news for all who listen music and want to make photos without pauses. :) iOS 9 has a very nasty bug - when you listening to music every time she pauses when you try to open the camera. This failure has long irritated iPhone users.

iOS 10. iPhone can make photos in RAW format.

One of the major announcements of the conference for developers WWDC 2016 was the renewal of the operating system iOS up to the tenth version. iOS 10 can make photos in RAW format.Yep.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How To enable Slide To Unlock in iOS 10.

iOS 10 Review. Next time to Slide To Unlock. Apple completely redid the lock screen in iOS 10. Familiar swipe right gave way to the new team to unlock - pressing the Home button. Slide To Unlock iOS 10 hasn't the future.

How to remove default icons from iPhone Home Screen or iPad without jailbreak?

How to remove default icons from iPhone Home Screen or iPad without jailbreak? We wait 10 years. iOS 10 has such feature. Done. The new operating system, presented on 13 June, an opportunity to remove the standard applications. Now, if necessary, the user can put the icons in the navigation mode, and remove them from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This applies to all full-time applications, including Mail, Calendar, Music, Maps, Weather, Contacts, the FaceTime, video and others.

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