Monday, January 5, 2015

Jailbreak 8.1 Utility + Tutorials.

Jailbreak 8.1 iOS for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus + iPhone 5S - iPhone 4S and iPads. Pangu Team seeds Jailbreak 8.1 iOS for all iOS 8 confirmed devices. We understand that new iOS 8.1 without jailbreak is like life without s.x. :) It's true.
Pangu jailbreak team confirmed information that new jailbreak 8.1 iOS utility will be released only after official iOS 8.1 release date. If you have iOS 8.1 version, you must understand that you can make jailbreak. Today you can install jailbreak iOS 8.1!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 - 4 Reasons Why Today Is Going To Be The Best Day For Jailbreak Ever.

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 for iPhone 6 + iPhone 5S/5/4S + iPad Air 2/1/ Mini 3/2/. 4 reasons why today is going to be the best day for jailbreak ever. Pangu Jailbreak Utility - is the most popular tool to Jailbreak iOS 8.1 (incl. iOS 8.0.2, 8.0), which spend millions of parties before the time, until the Apple employees did not eliminate (in new iOS 8.1.1) the vulnerabilities that were used to break the operating system iOS 8.1 for iPhone and iPad.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Jailbreak 8.1 iOS Pangu8 + Untether Update.

Jailbreak 8.1 iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available for download and install. Kailbreak 8.1 utility Pangu8 1.1 works perfect on all iOS 8 Confirmed devices + you can install iOS 8 supported Cydia tweaks for your lifestyle. If you like freedom, you can download last Pangu8 version from here and install on your idevice.
New update Pangu8 untether 0.4 is available on Cydia now. It fixed the memory issue that caused many apps such as MobileSafari crash on 32bit devices. If you have problems with such situation, you can fix with untether 0.4. Don't forget - Jailbreak 8.1 iOS is free.

Jailbreak 8.1 Untethered + Manual How To Install Cydia Store.

Are you ready for Jailbreak 8.1 IOS? Pangu seeds Pangu8 utility for jailbreak 8.1 iOS for free with new features. After that you can install Cydia iOS 8.1 store with cool tweaks. Barrel, MxTube, iTunes Radio Unlimited, AppList, WatchSpringboard, WhatsApp+, Zeppelin and more and more.... All Cydia iOS 8.1 supported tweaks you can see here. Wow. If you have iPhone 6 - iPhone 4S or iPad Air 2 - iPad 2 running on iOS 8.1, you can make this cool jb for jailbreak lifestyle.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jailbreak iOS 8.1, Click Install + 2 Min.

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 - iOS 8 available for download. Only Click Install + 2 min. Are you ready for Jailbreak 8.1? It's free utility from Pangu team for jb. After that, you can see Cydia iOS 8 (with AppSync iOS 8) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on last Apple's iOS. Anyone who want see new tweaks and features on smartphones must read this a full guide.

It's very good news for all, who want install cydia tweaks on iOS 8.1.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

iOS 8 Jailbreak. What is the best price?

iOS 8 jailbreak app for free. Jailbreak iOS 8.1 also. Do you found iOS 8 download links? Ok. Official iOS 8 Final download links confirmed. On the annual Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2014, which was from 2 to 6 June in San Francisco, Apple released new iOS 8 and tell about all the new features and enhancements. (You can see iOS 8.1 supported devices here).

Apple has released final iOS 8 download link. 

Apple opened Fall keynote, we expect to see many new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the first two hours of smart, codenamed Apple Watch. However, even if Apple will introduce the next generation of devices at the keynote, analysts believe that sales of new products will start only at the end of this summer. 

Is it worth it to install iOS 8 on iPhone 4S.

iOS 8 iPhone 4S. After the release of new iOS 8 many owners of their iPhone 4s started to wonder should they install iOS 8 on iPhone 4s or not. As owner of iPhone 4s I was confused by the fact that Apple has not given the opportunity to install iOS 8 for iPhone 4. After some research, I can surely say that iOS 8 cannot work on iPhone 4. The reason is simple - Apple has updated its axis and it would be uncomfortable to work on iPhone 4.

Monday, October 20, 2014

iOS 8 Download Links For iPhone, iPad, iPod

iOS 8 download links for all confirmed iOS 8 devices. Apple iOS 8 is new extraordinaire technology, features, usability. Best time for iOS 8 Download links - today!!! You can download iOS 8 for fre now. The latest Apple's iOS 7 has caused rough debate and the company Apple will release a really stable and modern iOS 8. iOS 8 - What is new? Features, Usability, Colors or all in one? Technology evolves and the company should not stand still. Competition from Samsung is pushing to move forward. 

* iOS 8 Compatibility List 
* iOS 8 Jailbreak

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

How to go back to ios 7.1? iOS 8 has been released by Apple. All who want to download/install new iOS 8 with new features can make it from here. But... Don't forget, if you want downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2 for all iOS 8 confirmed idevices here. How? Yu can see this complete guide from us:

Step 1: Turn the device off, connect it to the computer via USB, and launch your last version iTunes

Monday, September 29, 2014

IOS 8 Battery Life on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

iOS 8 battery life. It's most awaited answer after iOS 8 download links. If you have iPhone 5S - iPhone 4S or iPad 2 - ipad Air with new iOS 8, you can see new features in yours devices. But sometimes iOS 8 users have problems with battery life.

It is no different for me, but what the iPhone 5S battery usage page has illuminated for me is that iOS 8 Calendar is eating up my battery in the background - to the tune of being responsible for 49% of my battery usage since I upgraded. I think it's not normal for iOS 8 battery life. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

iOS 8 Review - 6 Top Features For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Don't forget - iOS 8 download links here. Apple executives introduced the next version of its mobile operating system - iOS 8. All roughness of the previous "Seven" that so much an eyesore , suddenly disappeared in the new update, and their place was taken by new opportunities with unique features within iOS. Even the wild , because imagine a mobile OS from Apple and third-party widgets keyboards to this day I could not .

During the conference, the scene voiced phrase «iOS 8 - this is the biggest release of iOS». And if all graphically just got to look a little more subdued , with fewer dynamic animation in iOS 7, the functional things have changed .

Sunday, September 14, 2014

iOS 8 Supported devices (Complete List)

iOS 8 is available for download . We know that official iOS 8 release date download links 17-th September, 2014. You can download new iOS 8 version from here. We have one big question. What devices are iOS 8 compatible? Will Apple's iOS 8 work on my iPhone? Which devices supported?

It's officially supported iOS 8 devices:

iPhone 5
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jailbreak 7.1 or Wait iOS 8!

Jailbreak iOS 7 is the most anticipated in the history of the jailbreak. iOS 7 owners are waiting too long, but there is no information about the official release date of the new jailbreak for iOS 7.1. Should we hope for Evad3rs jailbreak team and whether we should wait for jailbreak iOS 7.1 or we can already begin to wait for the new iOS 8? We hope that Apple will release the new iOS 8 with new features and iOS 8 users are already will not need to jailbreak iOS 8, because new iOS 8 will be all that we need .

Don't forget - if you have iOS 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3, 7.0.4, 7.0.5, 7.0.6 - you can jailbreak from here.

Friday, April 18, 2014

iOS 8 Release Date, Timezone

Did you miss the activities from Apple? Want to know how it will look iOS 8? :)

iOS 8 download links release date for all iDevices - 2-th June. Cool. iOS 8 beta 1 download links will be works for both Mac and Windows, and is considered to be one of the most reliable iOS by the whole iOS community. You can download iOS 8 beta from for free.

Apple will open the season interesting announcements and products in the traditional time. Apple officially announced the date for the annual event Worldwide Developer Conference, abbreviated WWDC. We are waiting for the start of summer - June 2.

Developers can apply to buy tickets right now and until April 7. Unlike previous events, Apple will distribute the right to purchase tickets at random. This - response to the events of last year, when WWDC 2013 tickets were sold out in 2 minutes.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

iOS 8 Download, How To Install With UDID Registration For Free.

If you found iOS 8 download links (direct links, torrent or on Mega), don't forget, that if you want install new iOS 8 on your confirmed iDevice (iPhone or iPad), you must read this post. We can help us. 

Waiting for iOS 8? This summer you can put iOS 8 beta 1, 2 ... 6, without waiting for the official release in the fall. Certainly we can expect something interesting in new iOS 8. Many innovations, stability and development of the system.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

iOS 8 Features, Jailbreak, Download Links, Tips, You Should Know

Apple iOS 8 features: Finder, Healthbook, Lock Apps, Quick Reply and more. Use the gadget running iOS 7 is easy and safe, however, even "pure" platform without jailbreak contains many options that may be unknown to novice users.

The official release of iOS 7 was certainly one of the most important and long-awaited event not only for the users of the products Apple, but also for all those involved in the field of modern technology.

We have repeatedly covered various innovations, advantages and shortcomings, which were shown as they appear beta versions of the platform and it's time to take stock.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

iOS 8 Features on iOS 7 Jailbroken iPhone, iPad.

Why Jailbreak? We have one more reason to jailbreak iOS 7.1 b3, 7.0.6, 7.0.5, 7.0.4 - 7.0. New Cydia Tweak for iOS 7 Vertex, realizing an iOS 7 iOS 8 Mission Control concept improved multitasking, is now in the final stages of testing and is available for download in Cydia.

In accordance with the concept of iOS 8, ​​Paragraph management takes over the screen with the latest running programs, and the standard multitasking bar, in turn, receives a control point . Vertex is in the final stage of testing, but now it can be downloaded from Cydia store on your iOS 7 jailbroken device.

Friday, February 21, 2014

iOS 8 Lockscreen.

What do you want see in new iOS 8?
We want install new IOS 8 lockscreen. Call + Message + Mail + Facebook + Twitter + Slide to Unlock. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eternal iOS 8 Jailbreak for Your iPhone 5S Will Be released in Autumn.

Category: Jailbreak iOS 8.0
Developer: Evad3rs

Breaking news for iPhone 5S. A few days after news of a vulnerability iBoot- level opening "eternal" jailbreak for devices to the processor A5 (X), there was a message from the hacker Winocm, which hinted that the same jailbreak can get a smartphone and iPhone 5s. The announcement was published on February 6 in twitter.

News that the relatively recent Apple devices with processors A5 (X), can get "eternal" jailbreak based on iBoot- vulnerability appeared iH8sn0w tweeted February 2. This processor is known, equipped smartphones iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini and iPods iPod touch 5G. Now we are talking about the flagship iPhone 5s, which is built on the latest chip A7. The truth about this model wrote another hacker Winocm, he mentioned in the message iH8sn0w.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

iOS 8 Jailbreak has very big future. Confirmed.

We have very good news about iOS 8 Jailbreak. Jailbreak developer iH8sn0w said that he had found a vulnerability iBoot-level, which allows to produce software tools to jailbreak the device with a processor A5 (X). A5 chip used in smartphones iPhone 4s, iPad 2, Apple TV 3G, iPod touch 5G and iPad mini, processor A5X - in the iPad 3.

Previous iBoot- level vulnerability in the iPhone and iPad with the A4 processor found a few years ago, the hacker Geohot. Any updates to the operating system from Apple can not block based on this vulnerability tools for jailbreak - a result, users are so-called untethered jailbreak. Now, jailbreak developers have found a low-level "hole" security chip A5/A5X.

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