Cydia Tweak iOS 6 iLex Rat - Remove All Tweaks From iPhone 5,4S (No Loss Jailbreak)

iLEX RAT Cydia Tweak For iOS 6 is Removes all dependencies, tweaks and settings installed after jailbreak iOS 6.1! After running iLEX RAT iOS 6: Cydia will be as clean as it is after jailbreak!

How To Remove All Tweaks From iPhone 5, 4S, 4 (No Loss Jailbreak)

1) Lauch "Cydia"

2) Go to "Manage" and "Sources", Click "Edit" and "Add" new repo: 
3) Back to Cydia Sources.

4) Select "iLex R.A.T" and "Install"

5) iLex R.A.T installed.

6) Go to "Cydia" -> "Search"--> type "MobileTerminal"

7) Install "MobileTerminal". Done.

8) Lauch "MobileTerminal"

9) Type: rat + Enter

10) Type: 12 + Enter.
11) Wait.......
12) Reboot iPhone. Done.
13) You have new iPhone with clean Jailbreak. Cool. COnfirmed.