iOS 7 Jailbreak Untethered Press-Release. When?!

Evad3rs will release a iOS 7 Jailbreak in October, according to reports. iOS 7 Download links released for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. What the next. iOS 7 Jailbreak of course. Many times in the comments to the iOS 7 Jailbreak tools to the iPhone, I’ve come across opinions that not all iOS 7 jailbreak tools of the jailbreakers have a high quality. reportedly: Lot's of iOS 7 Jailbreak tools are fakes or scam. If you connect the not-Evasi0n iOS 7 JB tool to iPhone, you will get nothing good. Only Evasi0n iOS 7 JB tool from Evad3rs is one way for jailbreak iPhone 5 or others with new iOS 7. If you see messages aka "iOS 7 Jailbreak Untethered has been released for the iPhone, iPad or iPod", don't install it, because Evad3rs Jailbreak not yet released.  

iOS 7 Jailbreak. When?
Apple developer website hacked. iOS 7 Beta 4 delayed. When iOS 7 Official Release date? No official information yet. Maybe September? October?