Wednesday, October 22, 2014

iOS 8 Jailbreak. What is the best price?

iOS 8 jailbreak app for free. Jailbreak iOS 8.1 also. Do you found iOS 8 download links? Ok. Official iOS 8 Final download links confirmed. On the annual Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2014, which was from 2 to 6 June in San Francisco, Apple released new iOS 8 and tell about all the new features and enhancements. (You can see iOS 8.1 supported devices here).

Apple has released final iOS 8 download link. 

Apple opened Fall keynote, we expect to see many new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the first two hours of smart, codenamed Apple Watch. However, even if Apple will introduce the next generation of devices at the keynote, analysts believe that sales of new products will start only at the end of this summer. 

Are you ready for next level? Jailbreak iOS 8. How to Jailbreak 8.1 now.

You can vote now here:

What is the best iOS 8 Jailbreak price? [ How To Jailbreak, Confirmed Utility, iOS Version. ]


  1. For this work you can also pay $10.

    1. im not paying 10$ just for a jailbreak im not retarded

    2. They work a lot to do this possible, they diserve some money

    3. Very true. But why start charging for Jailbreaks now?

    4. They need to charge cause they want something out of it and it seems fair. Lots of people jailbreak but they use their own pocket money to construct these programs and new generation devices they need money to get stuff. they should just charge a dollar cause they would make alot and customers would be happy. How would you feel if you did something great and didn't get paid for it and wasn't community service. That would stink and they do deserve some credit.

    5. But they Get money look at the apps in the cydia apps you need to pay for ifile etc

  2. 5$ can every user of iphone pay for the jailbreak iphone pleasure

  3. I wish to pay too but I dont have paypal account or any bank account :(

  4. You peope are complete idiots

  5. Considering we'll get thousands of bucks of material for free, $10 is certainly a fair price!!

  6. $10 is definetely a fair price. But i guess it will start the Non-free JB for future updates! :(

  7. Jailbreak has always been free, and it should stay free... :)

  8. They should make it $5... Its not like it will take them only an hour to make it! The jail break will take quite a bit of time to make they should be paid at least something for their effort! If you disagree you are just a cheap piece of trash that wont pay for something better than anything that is on the app store!

  9. um the percentages in the poll only add up to 99...

    1. That'll be the rounding to the nearest number then.

      91.4999999999999999% is still 91%.
      It's easy to lose an entire 1% in those figures.

  10. I am very pleased to pay for IOS 8 jailbreak tools from 5$ to 10$, but I have some problem in paying through Paypal because Paypal has not affiliation in Pakistan If there are another procedure for pay so i,ll do.

  11. Dumb question, I've been jailbreaking for years. In the past you MIGHT have needed to pay someone tech savvy IF your device needed a custom ios, so it would be jailbreakable because not all older devices were fully compatible. But after started making their software fully compatible, anyone could do it them-self with no issues. I'm assuming the newer one would be user friendly as well, just follow the instructions.

    Traditionally they've all been free, and It shouldn't change (just hoping)
    So, any price more than $0 is too much. If someone charges, it's probably not from the official website. Just look elsewhere for the free official version.

    1. More importantly, they can't really whine if they get less than $45K for each developer. That's a $90K salary full-time, considering each jailbreak takes about half a year.

      Looking at how many people typically jailbreak, there's no way to get less than that much money if you charge more than a dollar. Unless of course people just don't pay.

  12. I understand what the topic meant, but I just answered the question to be an ass because he asked it that way.

    What he should have wrote was this:

    If you had to pay for the next jailbreak software, what's the most you would pay:

  13. tbh even if its $5 its gonna be free cause someone is gonna find a leak and make it free for the public

  14. The way I look at it it is a lot of work. So the way I would make it is like this, make the jailbreak program free for the first device charge 5$ for put to 10 devices and if you really have more then 10 pay 10$ for an unlimited amount of devices. Best way right there. Let's not be cheap people gosh.

  15. Apple will ALWAYS lose the anti-jailbreak debate simply because...

    I need to use whatsapp on my ipad...
    My friend likes to try a game before he spends over R400 on a title he wont play
    I need to lock certain apps so my kid doesn't spend my ingame currencies
    I need to record ipad app usage for training purposes
    I like to customize my device for which i paid a fortune
    I like to use the full potential of my device's capabilities

    I like CHOICE ! Love [email protected] & Pod2g
    Wozniak , what made Apple great was vision - We have met that vision if we run out of innovations
    iOs 8 Metal?... nice touch, the new gpu callproc is uhmmm.... still 2gens late already for the HW that supports it..

    I'm just saying - Cutting edge hardware - blunt features -
    COMMISSION CYDIA AND THE EVADERS !!! Charge a few dollars per device !!!
    Get head out of arse and into profit so we can get bang4buck!!!

  16. i would pay 1$ or 5$ but only if i could pay with paypal, cuz i don't have a credit card lol..

  17. It have to stay free.
    I have already paid some tweaks, such as certainly, there are some facts to you, in fact I have already paid.
    Those tweak I can only use them for about 6 months (with a version of ios, not always updated).
    That's why I think 10 times before buying a tweak.
    That's why even if it cost 0.01 cent would not pay for the jailbreak.
    Would pay over and over again to do something that will be useful only for a few months and even more than this tweak.
    The poll speaks for itself, almost everyone wants you to stay free (92% now).
    If you put a payment will save a few customers, even for the tweak.

  18. Funny how people have no issue paying Apple $1000 for a locked down piece of kit, and yet have a problem with paying $5 for the key to unlock its true potential.

  19. This website looks so fucking legit. I see no problem with the spelling and grammar at all.
    Also no one in the right minds would suddenly ask what the best price is for jailbreaking. It has always been and will always be free. Period.


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