Saturday, April 18, 2015

Apple Watch Jailbreak. Why? When? How?

We are waiting a new product  from Apple - Apple Watch. Apple confirmed that real Apple Watch release date is April, 2015. We have a legitimate question.  Apple Watch jailbreak!!! Why do you need to Apple Watch jailbreak. What do you think about it?

First, Apple Watch jailbreak gives you the ability to install apps from alternative app store Cydia. We believe that in Cydia will be placed those programs that do not fall into the App Store due to strict restrictions Apple.

Secondly, Apple Watch jailbreak allows you to engage in self-tuning your Apple Watch for your own needs. For example, you can turn off background processes to significantly extend the life of the battery of the Apple Watch. Opportunities to further customize Apple Watch - weight.

Third, Apple Watch jailbreak opens up wide possibilities for changing the Apple Watch's interface. You can choose for themselves a completely different style of interface design system - replacement of the dock to complete the modification of the system icons, switches and screens. Apple Watch for your lifestyle. Apple Watch Jailbreak is better way for your lifestyle.

Do You Want Apple Watch Jailbreak?

So. Why do you want Apple Watch Jailbreak?


  1. If it's possible, an iWatch jailbreak would be useful for allowing the watch to tap into cellular networks independently, and without having to be paired with an iPhone.

  2. yes I definitely agree with purplexpotion.
    idea: try and create a barrel and winterboard for apple watch jailbreak with themes.
    or how about a lockscreen and homescreen tool or a free calling and texting app hack.?????

  3. No need to buy apple watch whitout jailbreaking.
    Jailbreaking was the main reason I bought iPhone.
    I want freedom.

    1. Any Android phone can do everything Jailbreaking an iPhone gives you right out of the box, for a fraction of the price. Where's the logic in that?

  4. Custom watch faces from talented developers.


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