iOS 9 Innovation + Inspiration

What we know about iOS 9? We love all articles telling Apple what they should do in new iOS 9. Today we found new article about new iOS 9 and his features. As if a company with 900 million iOS devices sol and $170 billion in the bank needs their "advice". :) We think new iOS 9 will be with new features and specifications. New iOS 9 will be optimized for new iPhone 6 4.7-inch display, new 5.5-inch iPhone 7 (or iPhone Pro) and maybe for 13-inch iPad Pro.
What we wait from Apple in new iOS 9? Youtube iOS 9 download links? :) One of them is iTunes + Beats Music services. Why? Streaming music is really taking off and we'd love it if Apple offered its own iTunes  streaming service. Not that the existing services aren't great, but one which can easily be tied into your iTunes account and include access to your existing iTunes library would certainly be welcome. Beats Music It already has iTunes and now it's purchased Beats and has access to Beats Music, so it's not unrealistic to think that Apple might build the service into iOS 9, either as Beats Music or under new Apple branding.

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