Jailbreak iOS 8.4 or wait iOS 9!!!

Jailbreak iOS 8.4 is the most anticipated in the history of the jailbreak. A lot of  iOS 8.4 owners are waiting too long, but there is no information about the official release date of the new jailbreak iOS 8.4. Insiders confirmed information: Jailbreak 8.4 iOS coming soon. It is done what we all (well, almost all) have been waiting for! It was created Jailbreak 8.4 iOS.


However, the completeness of the achievements of this was not enough because jailbreaking Apple's mobile operating system and the presentation of public funds for the "Jailbreak 8.4 iOS" - is not at all or, even better to say, it is not identical concepts.

Jailbreak was performed on iPhone 6 installed iOS 8.4 jailbreak developer known by the nickname i0n1c. It should be noted that Stefan Esser, his real name, for a long time, say, retired, so a complete solution for regular users expect from him is not necessary.

He first gives us with you to understand that his iPhone 6 actually operated by the operating system iOS 8.4, and only after showing proof of Jailbreak 8.4 iOS. If you believe his words, a jailbreak's way that has been used is not new, and is in the code platform literally from the very first version of it.

Whether to wait for a public jailbreak iOS 8.4 in the near future? We think not. The jailbreak developer under the nickname i0n1c repeatedly demonstrated his skill at breaking apple mobile firmware, but this whole thing came to an end quickly. In one interview, he even claimed that he was not interested in the end result of this, shall we say, the event, and the process itself. Well, maybe he has to change his opinion.

Recall that the latest jailbroken irmware is iOS 8.1.2. Run jailbreak it can be just a few minutes using our separate detailed instructions. Something radically new is not there, so install it in place of stable firmware, we would not advise. It is better to remain above the jailbroken platform, or enjoy life on iOS 8.4. :)))

We hope that Apple will release the new iOS 9 with new features and new iOS 9 users are already will not need to jailbreak iOS 9, because new iOS 9 will be all that we need.... Apple Watch.... We want Jailbreak Apple Watch.