Jailbreak 9.2 iOS Untethered Status + FAQ

Jailbreak 9.2 iOS for all supported devices incl. iPad Pro and iPhone 6S is most popular question in Apple iPhone /iPad owners community. If you want install last version iOS 9.2 Cydia Tweaks - you on the right track.
Pangu9 Jailbreak (NOT Pangu91) works for both Mac and Windows, and is considered to be one of the most reliable jailbreaks by the whole community. To date, Pangu9 Jailbreak tool can be used to jailbreak the following iOS 9 devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Some scammers leaked fake information that they have Pangu91 version for Jailbreak iOS 9.1. It's not true. But one of scammers leaked Pangu92 download links with registration via MobileApp. Some our readers bought such download links, but as would be expected, was fake.

Pangu91 and Pangu92 Jailbreak download links - 100% FAKE.

All confirmed Pangu9 download links you can see HERE.
All iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Jailbreak Compatibility List - HERE

Official Jailbreak 9.2 iOS release date - not yet...  


Anonymous said...

Please jailbreak for iPad pro :)

January 7, 2016 at 3:16 PM: Martin Laurent said...

This site just keeps seating on the web to make money. The team was once famous, but not active anymore. Only the Chinese are.
The worst part is that during their spare time they didn't take the opportunity to improve their English. Especially the French guy: mon gars tu auras dû suivre les cours, mais bon on connaît les profs Français, nuls à chier... :)
Sorry non French speaking dudes, I felt like I had to say it! :/