Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pokemon Go doesn't work on iOS 10.

Pokemon Go on iOS 10. Nintendo has achieved incredible results release project augmented reality Pokemon Go, which is not available in all regions.
The base of active gamers in Pokemon Go in the near future will continue to actively grow - it is officially launched in only three countries in the world, and their number does not include neither Japan nor Korea nor China nor the European region.

We have not good news for all who want to play Pokemon Go on iOS 10. Unfortunately Pokemon Go doesn't work on new iOS 10 betas: 1 or beta 2. It's mean if you want to play such game, you must stay on last iOS 9 version.


  1. Wonder what version of iOS I am using then... coulda sworn it was 10.

  2. Same as i do, runnin on iOS 10 like a charm


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