Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Jailbreak iOS 11 without Computer

How Jailbreak iOS 11 without Computer: Every year we received lots messages via twitter or facebook with similar text. Last weeks we received new messages. For example: "I bought your Jailbreak iOS 11 but not working, Help me please"

Next message: "Paid $30 for your jailbreak for iOS 11 and every time I try to restore to iSO 10.3 i get this help" or "I download your Jailbreak iOS 11 via In-App links, but can't install jailbreak, help". This people wrote "your". Why?

Ok. Now you can see "How Jailbreak iOS 11 without Computer":

Don't forget that such links, apps and javascripts on home pages are 100% fake. Don't install it. You can check your iPhone or iPad to Jailbreak here: Jailbreak iOS 11 Supported Devices.


  1. How stupid can one be to still fall for these schemes. I thought by now everybody knew that IF and WHEN a working jailbreak is available ALL trustworthy sites know about it and have tutorials on how to implement it and jailbreaks are ALWAYS FREE! Get an android phone as you're obviously too ignorant for iOS.

  2. Well i would more than willing to pay for a jailbreak ios 11 and it would be well worth it.i don't understand why these guys don't get together and start creating jailbreaks and charge $5 they can get more richer and we can free our fucking iPhones

  3. this is a total scam, don't fall for it guys!!

  4. Wish this website would fix their bullshit formatting and stories. While you’re at it, remove all the bullshit stories about iOS 11 jailbrake and smiplely State “No iOS 11 jailbrake”!

  5. It’s not how stupid this guys fall for scans like this . I could off and I did . At a point of getting my iPhone jailbreak I was exited . Stupid are the idiots who make those scams and going the morals to do such things like this . Jailbreak is serious it’s freedom but this mother fuckers who muck jailbreak should be banded from posting shut like that. If you are out there and you are one of this individuals I would like to send a big fuck you to your mom and last to you it’s looks like I don’t get pussy


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