How To Install iOS 12 Beta 2 via One Click + 2 min.

iOS 12 Beta Download (Beta 1) without Developer account. How To Install iOS 12 Beta 2 via One Click + 2 min for free now. After the presentation of iOS 12 in June, Apple will have a whole summer to release a beta version of the operating system, both for developers and for public testing.

Usually, beta versions are released immediately after the presentation. Therefore, when iOS 12 is presented, then immediately, you can iOS 12 Beta 1 download to your iPhone or iPad. When beta 1 appears, I will give here a link to it to download. iOS 12 Beta 1 install method is very simple, just a couple of tapes.

Also, you can see the review of iOS 12 beta 1 here on the site so that you can evaluate whether you need to take risks and put a raw version of the operating system.

Because usually, all the first beta versions of the new released iOS are always distinguished by serious bugs, such as crashes from applications, fast battery discharge, hindered device operation, etc.

How To Install iOS 12 Beta Without Developer:

Step 1: Open this page in the browser on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Step 2. Click on special link to download the developer profile for iOS 12
Step 3: Click "Install
Step 4: Restart the device + Wait.
Step 5: After that General> Software Update, and wait for the update.
Step 6: Click "Download and install the iOS 12 beta 1".
Step 7: Confirm the installation of OS 12 beta.

The release date for iOS 12 is the first week of June 2018. Apple will present iOS 12 at the WWDC developer conference in early June 2018. As always, at the same time, Apple will present its operating systems in the summer in early June. And in 2018 there will be no exception. However, the release of the full version of iOS 12 will take place in September 2018

Links Updated. Next level - Jailbreak iOS 12 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

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