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Sunday, April 7, 2019

How to Check If You're Buying a Stolen iPhone XS, XR, X

How to Check If You're Buying a Stolen iPhone XS, XR, X. Find out if the new iPhone has been stolen or reported as lost. If you bought a new smartphone not in the official store, you should understand that you could sell a stolen smartphone. Of course, you may not believe us, but after 8 years of work with our project, we have come across different stories, so we recommend checking it out before using our new smartphone.

How to Check If You're Buying a Stolen iPhone:
- Dialing *#06#. After that you can see your IMEI number from our iPhone;
- Go to StolenPhoneChecker.org and tab your IMEI number;
- If the iPhone is reported as stolen or lost, you should strongly consider not buying;

That’s all there is to it, you can check up to five devices IMEI numbers per day to see if they are stolen or lost or not.

You should not forget that if you bought a stolen iPhone, you should know that if the real owner finds his smartphone, you can have big problems. Also, you should remember that if you use a stolen iphone, the police can make you accusations, as it may involve your participation in the theft.