How To Record a Phone Call on iPhone 11, Xs, Xr, X

Here you can read more how to record a phone call on iphone including new iPhone 11, Xs, iPhone XS Max, iPhone Xr and iPhone X,

Recording private telephone conversations is not a crime. After all, your interlocutor already knows what you talked to him about. It is illegal to secretly listen to other people's conversations, in particular with the help of “bugs”. If necessary, you can safely provide a record of the conversation in court as evidence. The only record should not violate other people's secrets, for example, commercial or family secrets. Caution is also needed when posting a recording of a telephone conversation in open access. It is better to agree in advance with the interlocutor that the recording will be broadcast publicly - for example, if it is a telephone interview.

How To Record a Phone Call on iPhone via special Cydia tweaks. 

A universal way to solve any problems with "iPhones" works here. If your iPhone is jailbroken (access to the file system is open), then you can install several tweaks to record conversations. In particular, these are  
  • Audio Recorder 2,  
  • CallRecorder 
  • Super Recorder extensions. 
These apps you can download via the unofficial Cydia software installer. It's free.

How To Record a Phone Call on iPhone via tools downloaded from Apple Store. 

On the net, you can find many programs offering to record conversations from an iPhone. All of them are shareware and require internal purchases. Unfortunately, all these purchases do not give 100% the ability to record conversations. All these programs work through call forwarding and are not direct call recording programs. Of course, you can read a lot of positive reviews in Apple Store, but they are all fake and bought on special exchanges. We strongly advise against buying such programs, as they do not give the expected effect.

We know that Apple specifically makes it impossible to record all phone conversations directly, so it can only be done by jailbreaking.

Our conclusion: only jailbreak will help you