New iPhone 2019 Camera Quality: Augmented reality + Megapixels

What is most important in the new iPhone 2019 model named iPhone 11? iOS 13? iPhone 2019 camera? Yes. Augmented reality - an important area for Apple.

In this regard, the company will make significant changes in future models of the iPhone, to improve the work of augmented reality. There is a new information that Apple is planning to use 3D laser cameras. New iPhone 2019 Camera will have 20 Megapixels. Amazing quality, amazing shots.

The laser will determine the distance from the camera to the object at a far distance. This information can then be used to more accurate 3D modeling. The new smartphones will be more precise positioning virtual objects in the real world. The new camera will be able to scan items at a distance of 4.5 meters.

Perhaps the camera company will supply Sony.

In addition, for the first time, new cameras may appear on the iPad Pro in early 2020, even though their potential will only be revealed on the iPhone. This year the iPad Pro will not be significantly changed.

In 2019, Apple will add a triple camera to the updated iPhone 2019 model named iPhone 11, while the other two models will have dual cameras. The third camera will allow you to add a new function with which you can add cropped objects to photos and videos. Live Photo will also be improved.

In 2019, the Lightning connector on iPhone 2019 model named iPhone 11 will be replaced by USB-C. Apple also uses an improved processor for the new models and an updated Face ID system.

As for the mobile operating system, dark mode will appear in iOS 13. The home screen for iPhone will be updated, and CarPlay technology will be improved. The new iPhone will have a better device file system.