iOS 14 Jailbreak Download Links. Confirmed.

Here you can find confirmed iOS 14 Jailbreak Download Links. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not very clear what Apple will do with this vulnerability. On the one hand, the company can not just ignore its existence and leave everything as it is. But, on the other hand, developers can not fix it either.

Therefore, the only way out of this situation will be the recall of several million devices that are in potential danger, and the subsequent replacement of their hardware filling. But since this is not feasible, it means that iPhone and iPad users will simply have to endure and carefully take care of their safety.

Despite the fact that, most likely, those who dare to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, will be a little, the very fact of the existence of a tool for jailbreaking says about serious security problems in iOS 13.

Due to the fact that this error in the iPhone has a hardware nature, it can not be corrected by a software update, which means that the jailbreak can be considered eternal. In any case, to block it, you will have to replace the hardware stuffing of vulnerable devices, which is almost impossible.

It turns out that if iOS 13 Jailbreak creator Axi0mX managed to take advantage of the vulnerability by jailbreaking, it is possible that someone will be able to create a Trojan application that will spread among the owners of vulnerable devices and, jailbreak them, collect confidential information of users in the interests of the creators.

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