iOS 14.1 Jailbreak, Supported Devices, Updates.

Here is iOS 14.1 Jailbreak, Supported Devices, Updates: If you are planning to jailbreak the new iOS 14.1 that comes out in the middle of 2020, I highly recommend read this post. We know that jailbreaking is very demanding, so on the web we can find a lot of fake tools that claim that they can jailbreak. Today we will talk about jailbreaking for the newest and most anticipated iOS - iOS 14.

Apple, unlike Google, has always paid maximum attention to the safety of its users. Therefore, in Cupertino, instead of collecting customer data and selling them to the side, they tried to protect them in every possible way, and provided branded devices with regular updates with bug fixes.

In 2019, Apple released one of the most leaky and buggy iOS in history, so millions of iPhone owners running on iOS 13 are waiting for an update and transition to a new iOS 14.

iOS 14.1 Jailbreak Supported Devices:

In September,  jailbreak creator Axi0mX announced a new exploit called "checkm8," which makes it possible to iOS 13 Jailbreak on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, he introduced Checkra1n — the first public jailbreak tool compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 13. It's amazing news, because this exploit can make iOS 14 Jailbreak on such iPhone Models.

iOS 14.1 Jailbreak bypasses iOS 14.1 software restrictions on Apple devices to install apps outside the App Store and change standard system settings on all supported devices.

If you plan to jailbreak, I will present a list of all supported iPhone models below:
- iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S

iOS 14.1 Jailbreak Tools: 

The "checkm8" method used by Checkra1n is considered "not available for patching" because it is based on hardware usage. That means Apple won't fix the bug with a software update. Therefore, the tool is compatible with the latest iOS 14 update. Checkra1n can hack almost any Apple device running iOS 14 and later. You can download iOS 14.1 Jailbreak tools here.

The tool uses a special method that requires the computer to reboot the system modifications on each reboot. Remote jailbreaks are the most convenient, as they can be downloaded without a computer.

As a result, such a thing as jailbreak seemed to disappear forever from our everyday life, because it was impossible to jailbreak iOS for many years. However, recently it became clear that the mobile operating system of the company is still vulnerable, and its users are in serious danger.