Foxconn CEO Officially Meet The Press

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Foxconn has invited more than a hundred journalists including international press, to visit the production line in Shenzhen factory this morning. Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou has attended the event. Foxconn has arrange 6 tour bus to bring the press into the industrial park, Gou even get on to every tour bus to greet all the journalists, immediately he was surrounded by hundreds of reporters for up to 10 minutes.

One of the victim’s family, wearing in white, arrive to the scene and call for innocence. The press conference has ended and Terry Gou has explained to the press how they are going to take care of their employees from the suicide tragedy. We will update the post while we receive full information. Please stay tuned. [NOWnews Network]

*Click here to watch the short video clip of the press conference*

Foxconn’s CEO, Gou Tai-Ming has officially apologized to the victims’ families. We have highlighted the first part of the video news on Gou’s respond. More updates to come.

“We want every employee to be happy while working here, and with a happy life. This is our goal which has been advertised, today, the goal will not change, as for the future, it will not change too. What we have to change, is to strengthen the future (on employee happiness while working). We did a lot of work, I will show you my record diary of our conference meeting, we have 70 psychiatrist to prevent suicides, we have trained 100 voluntary workers, they need to pass the exam to qualify for the care and counselling department. As our suicide prevent mechanism, we now have a reporting system for it, a 50-member working group is soon to be established…”

We have a second news video report on Foxconn press conference. Here are the highlights :

– Foxconn’s CEO, told the press that when everytime he heard about a new suicide happened, his heart feel very sad and sorry for that, and feel tremendous pressure too, even he himself have to get counseling from psychiatrist.

– He request the media to minimize on the report of the suicides, in order to avoid psychology diffusion effect.

– Guo said : ‘To the society, all public, all our employees and their family, I give the top of my apology’.

– For these 2 months, what I fear most is to pick up phone call after 11 o’clock at night, morning and before dawn. (editor note : All suicide incidents happened at that period of time)

– At the same time, Foxconn has arrange the employee to sign a sort of ‘No suicide’ agreement, the agreement state that the company won’t be responsible for the legal compensation if the employee get suicide or any self-mutilation. (editor note : latest news report, the ‘No suicide’ agreement has been call-off. For more info, click in here and here.)

– The news report state that it is the most serious management crisis for Foxconn.

Foxconn has arranged tour bus to bring the press into the industrial park, Gou get on to every bus to greet all the journalists, immediately he was surrounded by reporters.

Ma Xiang Qian is the first victim of the 11th jump suicide tragedy, his family wearing in white with big heart logo, arrive to the scene and call for innocence. In January, 19yrs old Male worker Ma Xiang Qian, mystery found dead at Foxconn’s dormitory, suspected of being beaten to death. After police investigation, it was first reported as sudden death, later it change to ‘Cause of death unknown’, and after Ma’s families request for re-autopsy, the reason behind the death was defined as ‘High-fall death’.

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