Hands-on with the Poking Inventor Action Figure

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Presenting the most friendly toy I’ve ever seen: the “Poking Inventor” action figure that is inspired from a man who makes the world more open and connected. How does it feel in our hands? The workmanship standard of this collection item is superb, and it is the next greatest action figure for tech nerds.

We really admired the man who is responsible for connecting over 500 million people across the world, helping Egypt’s protesters to spark an uprising, becoming the youngest billionaire and the “Person of the Year”. Being a big fan of the friendly network that everyone is using nowadays, we got the Poking Inventor action figure to show our support to the CEO.

This is it. The Poking Inventor looks smart in a casual brown sweat shirt and comfortable worn-in jeans. He stands on a white rectangular-shaped base platform which is made of hard plastic, with a nice pose of sticking his left hand in pocket with his thumb out. And he holds a ‘Like” or “Poke” button in his right hand. Weight and size? It is heavier than an iPhone, lighter than an iPad. And it stands 7 inches tall.

Here’s a close-up. The head sculpt is unique and supports some good detail. First, the full head of light brown curly hair is stunning, the paint job is perfect. The great detail work in the face shows his intense green eyes and freckles.

The paint job is well done, especially the symbols on his hoodie. There is no smudging or overlapping at all. And the brown paint is a nice touch.

The blue jeans looks very real!

Down to the bottom, the old-school Adidas sandals do clearly resemble the CEO’s trademark footwear. The best part is his toes, they are well-painted and the toe nails are clear to see!

The “fb” icon is made as a small little square brick measuring 3 X 3cm. It is in hard plastic form and it is painted in light-blue and dark-blue to form a gradient color effect. That’s nice when it’s being put on the base platform.

Here’s the fun part. The figurine comes with two small rectangular small acrylic plates measuring 2 X 5cm and you can attach the plate into his right hand.

You need to slot the plate into the small gap between his fingers and the thumb of his right hand. It fits in easily.

See that?

To make the figure even more fun to play with, three speech bubble cards are bundled with the figurine.

You get a marker (not included) and write whatever you want on the speech bubbles.

To attach the speech bubbles onto the figure, you need to make use the included transparent “stick”. The above pic should tell you how to do it with a Blu-Tack.

Cool huh? The level of detail in this figure is totally awesome, especially the face. And with a big head, it explains why the CEO is a genius. Overall, we are really proud of the craftsmen for creating this amazing figurine. Good sculpt and paint job with the usual articulation that we’ve all come to expect and love about these toys. For purchasing, feel free to visit M.I.C. store and get one while stocks last! Price is $69.90 for one, shipping not included. And if you need more speech bubbles, you can get an optional accessories kit set which includes a marker, a cleaning brush for clearing the dust off, and 10 pieces of speech bubble cards. Please take note that shipping may take 3-4 weeks since M.I.C. store does not wish to rush its craftsmen in order to maintain the workmanship standard of this collection item. One more thing, it is limited edition and there’s an order limit: one-per-customer.

UPDATE: Facebook Inc. has informed us that this Poking Inventor action figure, has not consented to the use of Facebook’s copyrights and trademarks, therefore they request us immediately to cease the marketing and sale of this figure. For more info, please click here.

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