How To use ChatGPT 4 for FREE | OpenAI ChatGPT 4

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As of my knowledge cutoff in June 2023, OpenAI has not released a
specific version called “ChatGPT-4.” The latest version available at
that time was GPT-3.5. However, it’s important to note that OpenAI has
been continuously working on improving their models, so newer versions
might have been released since then.

Regardless of the version, the general instructions for using ChatGPT would be as follows:

  1. Access the OpenAI platform: Visit the OpenAI website ( and navigate to the appropriate section for using the ChatGPT model.

  2. Create or log in to your OpenAI account: If you already have an OpenAI account, log in using your credentials. Otherwise, follow the prompts to create a new account. Provide the required information and complete any necessary verification steps.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the model’s capabilities: Read the documentation, guides, or any provided information to understand the features and limitations of the specific version of ChatGPT you intend to use.



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