iPhone 7 – What We Want To See in

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iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S? All who have iPhone 3GS (one of the best iPhone smartphone in Apple’s history) know that his design was one of the better for work and lifestyle. Lot’s of iPhone owners want buy new iPhone 3GS with new display and hardware, but in “old” iPhone 3GS unibody design.

MICGadget’s iPhone 7 version 🙂
Done. This is a concept for the iPhone 7. It features the same design as the iPhone 3GS however the screen is edge to edge, removing the black glass bands from the side. As a result the bottom of the the iPhone 7 has been compacted, as has the top, creating a smaller iPhone for users that want a phone smaller than the iPhone 6, but without reducing the screen size.

We don’t have iPhone 7 official design usability or release date, because all wait “only” iPhone 6s. I think iPhone 7 official release date will be only in 2016.

iPhone 3GS original here.

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