Is There Any Jailbreak For iOS 12.4? Yes.

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Previously, jailbreak was used to add more features to the iPhone. But over time, Apple has expanded the capabilities of smartphones, so the need to hack the system disappeared. So hackers have less to try to seek ways to implement in iOS, and was often able to break outdated versions. For the first time in several years hackers broke the current version of iOS 12.4

Is there any jailbreak for iOS 12.4? – Yes. Now you can download last version iOS 12.4 jailbreak tool and install new Cydia Tweaks. So now there is a potential danger for owners of iPhones with iOS 12.4. You have to wait for Apple to release an update with a security bug fix.

For iOS 12.4 jailbreak, hackers used a vulnerability that seems to have accidentally hit iOS 12.4. Because the same “security hole” was in previous versions, it was fixed in iOS 12.3, but for some reason it came back with the latest update.

However, the jailbreak can be used not only to introduce new features to the iPhone, but also to hack other people’s smartphones. With jailbreak you can download any malicious SOFTWARE — steal files, passwords, Bank data and other important information.

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