New iPhone 2019 Rumors: Release Date, Tech Specs, Price and new Features!

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iPhone 2019

New iPhone 2019 Rumors – Hi guys. Are you ready for life without iPhone X or your old iPhone 7? I’m not. According to last rumors, next year Apple will release three smartphones with OLED-displays. In the fall of this year, the company should also present three iPhones: two with OLED and one budget with an LCD screen named iPhone 9.

iPhone 2019 Rumors: Unibody Design

Despite the fact that Apple has not yet managed to show new smartphones in 2018, analysts are already talking about the possible technologies of the iPhone in 2019. Among the most interesting versions – 3D-scanning, improved battery and fresh design, which will save users from the cut-out in the screen, optical zoom and the functions of the film cameras.

iPhone 2019 Rumors: Display and Screen size

If the information turns out to be true, then all suppliers of LCD screens will have to be tight. Against the backdrop of rumors, many manufacturers have lowered the cost of shares. For example, Japan Display has fallen in price by ten percent, and Sharp by four. Samsung’s leadership can rejoice: the iPhone X uses displays from a Korean company, so they will get a large percentage of orders. Most likely, this partnership will continue, and Samsung will start increasing production capacity.

iPhone 2019 Rumors: What will the new iPhone be called?

We know that the name of the new smartphone is no less important than its capabilities. Buyers love not only beautiful things, but the buyer is important and the name. The company always with trembling concerns the names of its products, so the new smartphone should have a name that should attract buyers.

2007: iPhone
2008: iPhone 3G
2009: iPhone 3GS
2010: iPhone 4
2011: iPhone 4s
2012: iPhone 5
2013: iPhone 5s
2014: iPhone 6 + iPhone 6 Plus
2015: iPhone 6s + iPhone 6s Plus
2016: iPhone 7 + iPhone 7 Plus
2017: iPhone 8 + iPhone 8 Plus + iPhone X
2018: iPhone 9 + iPhone 9 Plus + iPhone 11 ?
2019: ? maybe iPhone X2 + iPhone X2 Plus

iPhone 2019 Rumors: New iPhone keynote

Since the iPhone 5, Apple has announced every flagship iPhone during a special event held the first or second Tuesday or Wednesday of September. It’s mean that in 2019 APPLE will be announced in first tuesday-wednesday of September. Some rumors sad that new iPhone 11 will be announced in last week of September. If it will be true, we can see new iPhone timeline in iPhone history.

iPhone 5: September 12, 2012
iPhone 5s: September 10, 2013
iPhone 6: September 9, 2014
iPhone 6s: September 9, 2015
iPhone 7: September 7, 2016
iPhone 8: September 12, 2017
iPhone X: September 12, 2017

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