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Monday, January 5, 2015

Jailbreak 8.1 Utility + Tutorials.

Jailbreak 8.1 iOS for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus + iPhone 5S - iPhone 4S and iPads. Pangu Team seeds Jailbreak 8.1 iOS for all iOS 8 confirmed devices. We understand that new iOS 8.1 without jailbreak is like life without s.x. :) It's true.
Pangu jailbreak team confirmed information that new jailbreak 8.1 iOS utility will be released only after official iOS 8.1 release date. If you have iOS 8.1 version, you must understand that you can make jailbreak. Today you can install jailbreak iOS 8.1!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Mac + Complete Guide.

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Mac Version available for download / install. Confirmed devices: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S / iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5 gen. Pangu Jailbreak iOS 8.1 utility works perfect on Mac.

Hello world. Today we have very good news for mac owners. You can make Jailbreak iOS 8.1 via Pangu jailbreak utility on your Mac OS X. Yes. It's very simple way for life with jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 - 4 Reasons Why Today Is Going To Be The Best Day For Jailbreak Ever.

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 for iPhone 6 + iPhone 5S/5/4S + iPad Air 2/1/ Mini 3/2/. 4 reasons why today is going to be the best day for jailbreak ever. Pangu Jailbreak Utility - is the most popular tool to Jailbreak iOS 8.1 (incl. iOS 8.0.2, 8.0), which spend millions of parties before the time, until the Apple employees did not eliminate (in new iOS 8.1.1) the vulnerabilities that were used to break the operating system iOS 8.1 for iPhone and iPad.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jailbreak iOS 8.1, Click Install + 2 Min.

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 - iOS 8 available for download. Only Click Install + 2 min. Are you ready for Jailbreak 8.1? It's free utility from Pangu team for jb. After that, you can see Cydia iOS 8 (with AppSync iOS 8) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on last Apple's iOS. Anyone who want see new tweaks and features on smartphones must read this a full guide.

It's very good news for all, who want install cydia tweaks on iOS 8.1.