Should I Buy the iPhone 7 or wait iPhone 8.

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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8. To be or not. Should I Buy the iPhone 7 or wait for the iPhone 8.

When shown a new generation of design iPhone 6, I was not among those who said that the new iPhone 6 may not be so. In my opinion, it was a very correct step towards the development of the general concept of Apple’s smartphone. But what we suggest at the moment the various iPhone 7 leaks – this is not the design, but a compromise of designers, programmers and marketers. Should I Buy the iPhone 7 or wait for the iPhone 8. We know that iPhone 8 release date is September, 2017.

The transition from iPhone 5 design to iPhone 6 design was really revolutionary. It was not just “hypertrophy” of the previous design, it was a transition to a qualitatively new level in materials and workmanship.

Now we see in “potentially possible” design is not a new level and try to beat and sell the old design. I would forgive such crafts “Made In China“, but not the level of the company Apple. Moreover, even if they make such a design, they can no longer count on the order of genius that could convince anyone that it is such a long sausage and there is a limit of our dreams with you. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us.

Do without Apple will rush like blind kittens are looking for the proper development of their “hits the iPhone 7?” . They must understand that the rules of the game have changed, and the number of errors that they can assume a strictly limited supply of the love of their fans. I’ll be very disappointed if such a design will be final.

If iPhone 7 will be similar design like iPhone 6S, I will wait iPhone 8. It’s one general reason why I wait new design in iPhone 8. If you think like me, you must read more about iPhone 8 release date, features, pricing strategy.

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