The Thickest “iPhone 4″ In the World

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Apple’s iPhone 4 is so thin it’s kind of mind-boggling, but what if we introduce you a much thicker and heftier “iPhone 4″ that has a phenomenal feature. Seriously, we have one here, and we hope you are ready to feast your eyes on the pics and video below, and check out its “high technology” after the break!







Ok, here are some takeaways about the device:

As we said, it’s shockingly thick.
The “screen” is outrageous, it looks very similar to the homescreen of an iPhone.
As to the build quality – yes, it is plastic. The home button feels so much fun to press, and on the whole it just feels like a brick, but it’s not heavy. It is even lighter than Apple’s iPhone 4.
There are no side buttons, but it’s nice to see a mini USB port and a status light at the bottom. And air vents on the top and the back!
It’s probably the most interesting hand fan that serve a purpose while upping your geek-cred.

White “iPhone 4″ Air Cooler

Perhaps the first thing you would like to ask us is that where did we get this thing from. During our gadget shopping in Shenzhen, we found this white iPhone 4 lookalike, and at first we thought it’s another crappy knockoff, but when we hold it in our hands, we were blown away. It’s a hand fan! A mini air cooler!! Without any second thoughts, we bought one.

The device is very thick indeed. It is 3-4 times thicker than Apple’s iPhone 4, and when we are using it while waiting at a bus stop, everyone is watching us.

Should be 30mm thick!!!

Don’t mess with the big guy!

It is fatter than the white iPhone 4…

The “screen” is very impressive, we almost got tricked by it. Looking carefully, there’s actually some difference. The front camera is located on the top right corner, and there’s a ‘Temperature’ app icon on its “screen”. Maybe Apple could consider to include a temperature app!

Home button looks a bit weird though. And it acts as a power switch to turn on the device.

At the bottom, you don’t see speakers or dock connector. You get a mini USB port and a status light.

When you press the home button, the light will turn red and the device will be switched on. There’s a Lithium-ion battery in it, and it will be 100% full if you charge it for 5 hours. Battery life? It could last for an hour (non-stop). And a USB-to-mini-USB cord is included in the package.

Here’s the most interesting part. We see air vents on the top of the device, and taking a clearer look, there’s fan blade in it.

Air vents can be seen on the back too, and the back cover is removable. Removing the back cover is very easy. You just need to slide the back cover up with your thumbs a little bit, as much as 1/8th of an inch. Then, lift the cover up and remove it.

Once you removed the back cover, you will see a blue sponge. This blue sponge is the key point of how the air cooler offers instant cool.

You need to wet the sponge and put it back into the device to archive cool air when using it.

The onboard fan spins at 7000 RPM, and we feel a strong air flow out of the hinge when it is turned on. The fan is strong enough to cool us down, but we think it could be stronger. The wet sponge may be a big help here, since it increases the coolness of the air flowing out of the hinge.

Looking at its instruction manual, we get to know that the device is not waterproof, so when we put a wet sponge in it, we need to make sure the sponge is not dripping water. Just remember to squeeze the water out of the sponge. Oh, and we are reminded to take out the sponge when the device is not in use.

When the fan spins, there may be some noise. Luckily, it is not loud.











The Verdict

We really love this white “iPhone 4″ air cooler. We are impressed with the sweaty Chinese peripheral makers who felt the need to cool themselves with an iPhone. The idea of the wet sponge is not bad — when the mini air cooler is turned on, the air gets a bit cooler, at least when there’s a wet sponge inside, but not a whole lot cooler. Apparently, it’s designed more for people who like the white iPhone, and want an extraordinary hand fan to cool themselves during the hot summer. The 1 hour battery life may be a problem to hang out at a beach, and the thickness is somehow unacceptable if you love ultra-thin gadgets. The price? It’s only 68 yuan (about $10). It is definitely worth the scratch if you live in a dry & hot area or are just looking for a portable, nice-looking fan to keep you cool on the go.

P.S.: If you want the wind of perfume, drop some fragrance on the center of the sponge. This tip is brought to you by the girl in the video. (^O^)

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