TOP 10 Features of the Option (⌥) key on Mac

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Keyboard shortcuts on Mac most often use Command (⌘). However, you should not underestimate other buttons that speed up interaction with the computer. One of them is Option (⌥). You can use it to see additional features in the usual menus. So, What is the Option (⌥) key on Mac?

How To Displaying additional data for Bluetooth: Tap the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar with the Option (⌥) key held down to find out the name of your computer.

How to shut down your computer as quickly as Possible: Shutdown is the same as restarting. If you do not use the Option (⌥) key, this operation may be significantly delayed.

How To Selecting Time Machine backup disks: To get even more options for working with the Mac backup system via the menu bar, click on its icon while holding down Option (⌥).

How To Selecting a device for audio input and output: If you need to change the audio input or output source, you don’t always have to go to the Sound menu from System settings. To do this, just click on the volume control icon in the menu bar with the Option (⌥) key held down.

How To Displaying auxiliary Wi-Fi parameters: If you hold down the Option (⌥) key and click on the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar, you can see not only the list of available wireless networks, but also find out your IP address, the type of connection that is currently being used, the potential current speed, and the level of interference.

How to Clear the “trash” without confirmation: The “Trash” has a “Clear” button that erases all files placed in it from the disk. But before this operation it is necessary to confirm its use with the help of special dialog box. If you click on the “Clear” button with the option (⌥) key pressed, you do not have to confirm your intention.

How To Hiding Windows of all applications except the specified one: Hold down Option (⌥), so that instead of the “Hide” option in the context menu of the app in the Dock, you can “Hide the rest” — it will remove all programs from the screen except this one.

How To Quick activation of “Do not disturb” mode: To instantly enable the “Do not disturb” mode and limit the number of incoming messages, just click the button to go to the “notification Center” with the option (⌥) key held down.

How To Copy the path to a specific file in Finder: The keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) + “C” copies the file, and you can use Command (⌘) + Option (⌥) + “C” to copy the file path.

How To Instantly restart Your Mac: During a normal Mac restart, which can be activated via the system menu, macOS will prompt you to save all open files. If you run this operation with the Option (⌥) key held down, you will avoid displaying the corresponding dialog.

In this article, we have mentioned only about ten features of the Option (⌥) key, which are actually much more. It changes the purpose of many buttons and items in various menus in both standard software and third-party applications. To maximize the potential of Option(⌥) to 100%, just try using it in your favorite programs.

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