Will New iPhone be TRANSPARENT in 2018?

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Transparent iPhone Transparent iPhone “New iPhone will transparent in 2018! You can use new technologies in your new iPhone”. 

We know that all who read more about smartphones know that Apple and others companies want to create new smartphone with amazing features. One of the general theme is – Transparent Phone. Via Apple – transparent iPhone, via Samsung – Transparent Galaxy!!!

Today we can safely say that the technology of a transparent smartphone is moving forward. Technologies allow producing transparent monitors, transparent components. The main problem in creating a transparent smartphone – the company can not create a transparent battery. But in this direction the companies do not stand still. In the news there is more and more information about new discoveries in this area.

Of course, we understand that we should not wait for a transparent iPhone this year, but let’s hope that in 2020 we will be able to see the first real transparent smartphones

Today we want to snow our new video about transparent phone:

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