Jailbreak 7.1 for iPhone, iPad is here.

Jailbreak 7.1 has been released by Evad3rs jailbreak iOS 7 team. Evasi0n7 1.0.8 available for download and install on Mac or Windows PC. You can install Cydia store on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7.1 for free. After installing jailbreak utility on your iDevice, you can install cydia tweaks and addons with new features.

Evasi0n7 1.0.8 works for iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 iPad Mini/5/4/3/2 and iPod Touch 5/4/3! Evasi0n7 1.0.8 is untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1 to iOS 7. What is new in this utility?  This method is it's unique method to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone with out downloading any software.

After jailbreak you can meet with evad3rs jailbreak team, you can write messages for team."

iOS 8 Release Date, Timezone

Did you miss the activities from Apple? Want to know how it will look iOS 8? :)

iOS 8 download links release date for all iDevices - 2-th June. Cool. iOS 8 beta 1 download links will be works for both Mac and Windows, and is considered to be one of the most reliable iOS by the whole iOS community. You can download iOS 8 beta from evad3rs.net for free.

Apple will open the season interesting announcements and products in the traditional time. Apple officially announced the date for the annual event Worldwide Developer Conference, abbreviated WWDC. We are waiting for the start of summer - June 2.

Developers can apply to buy tickets right now and until April 7. Unlike previous events, Apple will distribute the right to purchase tickets at random. This - response to the events of last year, when WWDC 2013 tickets were sold out in 2 minutes.

Instructions for Jailbreak 7.1. Complete Guide.

Apple released iOS 7.1 download links for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. iOS 7.1 ipsw links work on Mac and Windows PC. If you want download it - you can make it here. What the next? Jailbreak!

Evad3rs team confirmed, that Apple closed all vulnerables for Evasi0n7 utility. You can't make Jailbreak 7.1 on iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Air (5),4,3,2 and iPod Touch 5-Gen. Jailbreak 7.1 for iPhone 4 coming soon. Wait confirmed links.
Instructions for Jailbreak 7.1: 


You can download Auxo 2 for iOS 7. What's new?

Auxo 2 cydia tweak for iOS 7 works perfect on iPhone 5s - 4S running on iOS 7.0.6, 7.0.5, 7.0.4, 7.0.3, 7.0.2, 7.0.1, 7.0. You can download / install it now from Cydia Store.

Category: Cydia Tweaks iOS 7
Repo: BigBoss
App: Auxo 2
iPhone: $3.99 or $1.99 ($0.99 for previous Auxo owners)  

After starting the panel multitasking tweak Auxo 2 you will see the following:
Switch panel core for iOS 7 functions.
Cards running programs.
Player 's control panel.
Circular sliders adjust the brightness and volume .
To complete the application must implement all the same swipe up window required program. Swipe down it gradually reveal the application on the screen. Swipe up window main screen will build all the cards one by one and then button will close all background applications. You can work with Auxo 2 accompanied smooth and nice animation.

iOS 8 Download, How To Install With UDID Registration For Free.

If you found iOS 8 download links (direct links, torrent or on Mega), don't forget, that if you want install new iOS 8 on your confirmed iDevice (iPhone or iPad), you must read this post. We can help us. 

Waiting for iOS 8? This summer you can put iOS 8 beta 1, 2 ... 6, without waiting for the official release in the fall. Certainly we can expect something interesting in new iOS 8. Many innovations, stability and development of the system.


Send Unlimited Photos Via Mail On iPhone, iPad., How To

It's the next reason for Jailbreak iOS 7. If you use the standard Mail app on the iPhone or iPad, then faced with a strange restriction on the number of attached files. This is easiest to see when trying to send more than five photos in one letter. Why the need for such a limit - is still not clear. Do you like Cydia Tweaks on your iOS 7?

Category: Cydia Tweaks iOS 7
Repo: BigBoss
App: MailUnlimitedPhotos
iPhone + iPad + iPod Touch: free 

A small extension allows no restrictions add a photo or video from the gallery in the attachments to the new letter. Cydia Tweek MailUnlimitedPhotos not add new parameters in the iOS 7 and does not create a shortcut on the desktop, running addition immediately after installation and "respring" device.


Would you buy a iPhone Air (iPhone 6)?

Today we want to show the vision of the future smartphone model from Apple. iPhone Air (iPhone 6) reminds tablet iPad Air, moreover, it can be traced design elements iPod touch. The model received a rounded back cover. Feature iPhone Air (6) is slightly convex display, protected by sapphire glass.

Apple's next generation flagship smartphone will be equipped with 4.5 -inch screen, but the curved shape and thin frame make it easy to hold with one hand. With this decision, the model looks very elegant. As conceived by Apple, iPhone 6 will receive a LED flash and a fingerprint scanner, which is built into the button Home.


Downgrade 7.1 to 7.0.6 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Customers who want to have a jailbreak 7.1 in the near future , should remain on firmware iOS 7.0.6. For iOS 7.1 there's no jailbreak exploits. 

Now Apple does not sign the iOS 7.0.6 for any of the compatible devices. This means that the downgrade iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7.1 on the previous version of the OS is not possible. That is, users can not downgrade to earlier versions , for which there is a jailbreak exploit .

The same tweeted hacker MuscleNerd, which warned users that after upgrading to iOS 7.1 , most (except iPhone 4 owners ) can not downgrade and repeat the jailbreak. 

In the iOS 7.1 update includes new technology that restricts developers the ability to create software solutions for jailbreak.

IOS 7.1 - 7.0.5, 7.0.4 Download Links, Install, How To

iOS 7.1 Download for iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4S, iPad 4, 3,2 and iPod Touch has been released. One click and ...You can iOS 7.1 Download and install on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We will start with the most interesting among the others - with the iOS 7.1. How to Update to iOS 7.1 Download for free? As usually, the company wonders by attention to the details. Design of the new iOS 7.0.4 is above all praise. Here, engineers and designers get firm 100. IOS 7 ipsw Download links are most downloaded and advanced mobile OS links for download.


iOS 8 Features, Jailbreak, Download Links, Tips, You Should Know

Apple iOS 8 features: Finder, Healthbook, Lock Apps, Quick Reply and more. Use the gadget running iOS 7 is easy and safe, however, even "pure" platform without jailbreak contains many options that may be unknown to novice users.

The official release of iOS 7 was certainly one of the most important and long-awaited event not only for the users of the products Apple, but also for all those involved in the field of modern technology.

We have repeatedly covered various innovations, advantages and shortcomings, which were shown as they appear beta versions of the platform and it's time to take stock.

What do you want to see in iOS 8?