iOS Cracked Apps Repo (incl. iOS 10)

Every year we can see strange situation. Some jailbreakers want to install iOS cracked apps and want to find iOS cracked apps repo (incl. iOS 10). Others, those who do want to install Cydia Tweaks and Addons. They hate cracked apps and always buy iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch apps via iTunes or App Store.
Cracked repositories (repos) for short allow a user to download and install all paid Cydia Tweaks and Apps for free. It's one of the most popular method for those people who want a "try before buy" method where a iPhone or iPad owners tries the Cydia Tweaks or Apps before actually paying for it. 

Sometimes we can't buy apps because some developers release their Apps only in limited countries and if you live in different country, you can't install new apps. One way - only cracked apps. :( I believe that this is the only situation where I have a right to download and install cracked apps. But where Can I Find iOS Cracked Apps Repo? Sorry, but we don't want to show it. It's illegal. Yep.

Don't forget that after jailbreak, you can see some Cydia Repo with lots links and tweaks. If you want to see all cydia tweaks and addons, you must add new repo. it's very simple for all, who have jailbroken iOS.

Don't forget, does not support piracy and cracking. It's only information about "iOS Cracked Apps Repo".