iOS 14 Release Date: When is iOS 14 available?

When is iOS 14 available? We expect iOS 14 to be released to the public around 15 September 2020. The iOS 14 Public Beta will be available in June (first day of WWDC 2020).

Updated: 7-th November, 2019

Apple is already actively working on iOS 14, a mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad, which will be released in 2020. iOS 14 is being developed by Apple under the code name Azul.

iOS 14 is created taking into account the capabilities of the fifth-generation networks, support for which will appear in the iPhone sample 2020. What exactly new features will appear in iOS 14 thanks to the implementation of support for 5G in the new iPhone, however, is not specified.

Many users of this iOS 13 are already tired of the ordinary and want something new. The world does not stand still. Every day owners of iPhones have a desire to update their smartphone and get a new iOS 14 with a new design.

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We know that the OS design has not changed since iOS 7, so the owners of iPhones want to get a new design and new controls. Of course, Apple knows about this, so every year they try to show us something new. Unfortunately, the iOS 13 design does not change, which means that user loyalty decreases.

Recently, there is more and more information that Apple can completely redesign your iOS 14 to meet modern requirements. Users want to go back to a time when installing a new iOS 14, they did not need to deal with their iPhone for a long time. All controls were available within one click. Now, unfortunately the new iOS 13 is already so overloaded with information that it is difficult for a simple user to understand. It's time for Apple to change everything in the new iOS 14.

iOS 14 Release Date:  iOS 14 final version will be released around 15 September 2020.