3 Reasons Why I Wait the iOS 14 Software Update

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Here you can find 3 reasons why I wait the iOS 14 Software Update. I was waiting for more new and convenient features from iOS 13, but got the usual update. iPhone continues to conquer the market, and the popularity of iOS 13 is growing at a very enviable pace, no matter what. But even the most popular iOS 13 has several unpleasant features, which we will talk about today.

You’ve probably turned up the volume on your iOS device while playing a game or watching your favorite TV show. If you did, you most likely noticed that pop-up window in the middle of the screen, showing the volume level and blocking your view. It prevents you from playing or watching a movie. Of course, the problem can be solved using various tricks and installing a jailbreak, but this is not the most elegant way. Perhaps the volume level would look much better in the status bar.

Most likely, you did not pay due attention to this feature simply because you have long been accustomed to it. However, you will agree that the process and the way applications move between desktops is something extremely inconvenient and even painful. If you need to transfer several icons to do it at the same time you are unlikely to succeed.

The “cloud” storage from Apple, which has become a familiar part of our life, has nothing in common with similar services of competitors. Dropbox and Google Drive, for example, offer a number of much more useful features, including adding and removing the right files anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, iCloud has some problems with this.

I hope that the company will hear us and release a really new product – new iOS 14.

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