5 Best Zoom Alternatives For Group Video Calls, Video Conferences And Webinars

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Here is 5 Best Zoom Alternatives For Group Video Calls, Video Conferences And Webinars. Zoom is undoubtedly one of the best communication tools for real-time video conferences.recently, many users have complained about its poor video quality and buffering problems.

This is expected, since companies around the world are working on the network and create a serious load on servers. Then there was a problem with sending data to Facebook in secret. So, whether you want to improve the quality of video conferences or hate Zoom’s privacy policy, you can always use several suitable alternatives.

So. It’s 5 Best Zoom Alternatives: 

1. Jitsi Meet.

If you are looking for a free alternative to Zoom, then Jitsi Meet is the best option. It is an open source video conferencing platform where you can make group calls for any number of users without any payment, in Addition, it is encrypted, it does not need an account, and there is no time limit. Frankly, there is no catch. Jitsi is fully funded by 8 × 8, which uses Jitsi products such as Virtual Office and other open source projects.

In summary, Jitsi Meet has shown good results, mainly due to its easy interface. You can simply enter the meeting name and press Enter to start the video conference. In addition, you can set a password for your web conference or just share a link to as many participants as you want. Of course, there has been a huge spike due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but Jitsi still manages to break out and you will get decent quality without much trouble. Simply put, if you want a free Zoom solution without compromising security, then Jitisi Meet is a good choice.

2. Microsoft Teams

I don’t like Microsoft, but this product is an exception in this case. I would say that if you are looking for a complete web communication solution like Zoom, then Microsoft Teams might be the best alternative. It comes with a number of features, and in some cases even exceeds the Zoom capabilities. You can chat, make a video call to your teammates, access Office 365 documents, collaborate in real time, and call anyone who calls from the Team or on the phone. As I said, it is a powerful tool for web communication via video, audio, or chat.

3. Skype.

I know that Skype for business has been replaced by Microsoft teams and is no longer available. And that’s why I’m talking about the free version of Skype, which is intended for personal users. Skype can be very useful for small companies to hold web meetings and seminars in HD quality and, best of all, without any payment. In terms of the participant limit, Skype can accept up to 50 participants, which is half of the 100 Zoom participants offered under the free tier plan. However, you don’t have any restrictions on Skype group calls, while Zoom has a 40-minute limit if there are more than 3 participants.

4. Google Hangouts Meet.

Hangouts Meet is Google’s new answer to Zoom, and it seems the tech giant is finally in the race. Currently, Hangouts Meet is only available to G Suite users and those who are registered in the G Suite for Education program. Now, as far as features are concerned, this is very similar to Zoom in the sense that you can just create a meeting and share the link with the participants. And they can easily join a meeting without creating any account at all. And the best part is that since this is Google, you have special apps for almost all platforms, so that’s great.

If we talk about limiting the group, at the moment Hangouts Meet can accept up to 100 participants. However, Google recently announced that from July 1, users will be able to create much larger meetings of up to 250 participants and can broadcast live webinars to 100,000 viewers.

5. Bluejeans.

Bluejeans is another great Zoom alternative that you can take a look at. Like Zoom, it offers video conferences, private rooms, events, and some really smart features. For example, you can access Microsoft Teams Meetings from BlueJeans using Cloud Video Interop technology. This is really cool. In addition, you can collaborate using audio and video, using any device you have, and in real time.

I would say that you will have to use BlueJeans to understand that it is much more than a video conferencing tool. As for the limit of participants, it can accept from 25 to 100 participants, which is quite good. In General, if you want to have smart management on your side, then try BlueJeans. This is quite comparable to Zoom on the UI / UX front panel.

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