Angry Birds Transformed Into USB Thumb Drive and Smartphone Case

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We spend about an hour a day on our smartphones with two-thirds of that time being spent on Angry Birds game. We love the Angry Birds and egg-thieving pigs, and we’re always checking out for Angry Birds merchandise when we’re out for shopping during the weekend.

Today, we found an adorable set of Angry Birds merchandise — Angry Birds USB drive and smartphone case. They are probably the greatest Angry Birds merchandise yet. Check out our hands-on impressions below as well as a promo video to see what’s so great about it.

Angry Birds Case

Smartphone case? Yup, all smartphones can be fit into this Angry Birds case. In the pic above, you see the birds set that includes the Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird and Green Bird. You can get the whole set of birds for $45.90, and below we have the pigs set.

4 different pigs! There’s regular, helmet, crown, and mustache. Just $39.90 for the whole set. Check out our hands-on gallery below to see more pics of the case.

This Angry Birds case almost fits all kinds of gadgets that has the shape of a smartphone. So don’t think that it only fits an iPhone!

It also has the appearance of the characters of the Angry Birds and the Green Pigs. Looking carefully, it comes with an adorable soft toy that is attached to the loop at the side of the case. So cute!!

We actually like the packaging box. Quite interesting, and simple.

Cam’t wait to open it!

So excited~~ :P

Wow. It looks like… the Red Bird.

Man, this thing is handmade! It is a felt case. Or you can call it as a sleeve.

The case is carefully hand stitched and is made of 2.5mm thickness felt. The outer seams are double-stitched for extra security and longevity.

Maybe I can put the bundled soft toy to my little slingshot. Heheh.

It is all hand sewn.

It includes a flap with a snap that has a sewn in guard so the snap doesn’t touch your phone.

To the side of the case is a loop for attaching keys or other accessories of your choice.

The inside is lined with super-soft, bright red wool-blend felt to protect your phone.

Awesome. Our iPhone stays protected and virtually scratch-free inside the case.

Angry Birds USB Thumb Drive

It’s hard to imagine how an Angry Birds USB thumb drive works. Will it explode like the Black Bird? No. Will it fly like the birds? No. Can I put it on a slingshot? Maybe. Below is our hands-on gallery of the Angry Birds USB drive.

USB thumb drive is always an useful accessory for computer users. And if you are an Angry Birds lover, you may like to own an Angry Birds USB drive. This Angry Birds flash drive has the appearance of the characters of the Angry Birds and the Green Pigs. It has a storage capacity of 4GB. Below is the green pig version.

Interesting huh?

People who hate the crown pig should love this great idea of pulling the crown off its head!

And we insert the crown into the USB port of our MacBook Air.

You can choose from 4 different pigs: regular, helmet, crown, and mustache.

And 6 kinds of birds: Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird or Green Bird.

Where to buy it? Well, it’s only available as a free gift when you purchase a standalone Angry Birds case that costs $23.90 each.


We hope you like Angry Birds. If you don’t, never mind, you should have fall in love with one of these Angry Birds merchandise after looking at the pics and video we have here. The Angry Birds USB thumb drive has a brilliant design, hiding the thumb drive inside the butt/head of the birds and pigs. We love it very much, and we don’t mind to purchase the Angry Birds smartphone case in order to get the USB drive as a free gift. The smartphone case has a nice touch of wool felt, it feels very nice on our hands. The bundled plushie is another reason why we are purchasing the case. So, if you are interested to get your hands on these awesome Angry Birds merchandise, click on the links below to purchase them! While stocks last!

Angry Birds Smartphone Case (Birds Set) — $45.90 @ M.I.C. store

Angry Birds Smartphone Case (Pigs Set) — $39.90 @ M.I.C. store

Angry Birds USB Thumb Drive (available as free gift for standalone purchase of Angry Birds Smartphone Case) — $23.90 @ M.I.C. store

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