Apple iPhone 9 Release date – 22 April. Confirmed.

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When is iPhone 9 available? – New iPhone 9 (SE 2) version will be released around 22 April 2020. Recently, there is more and more information that Apple can completely redesign your iPhone 9 to meet modern requirements.

Popular YouTube blogger John Prosser, known for plausible insider news, reported some details about the iPhone 9 (SE 2).

According to him, Apple held a closed meeting yesterday, during which it decided to announce and release the new product in April. In particular, the iPhone will be shown on April 15, and it will be on sale on April 22. At least, that’s what the company plans to do. Further decisions depend on the coronavirus pandemic. We can only wait.

To speed up customer service, Apple will send iMacs to some retail employees over the next two weeks to work remotely. Employees will be trained to work remotely with customers and provide technical support online.

the iPhone SE 2 should get a 4.7-inch display, iPhone 8-style design, A13 Bionic processor, and a single camera. Earlier, we talked about how the price of the iPhone SE 2 may change if Apple reduces the cost of its equipment in the US. 

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