Apple iPhone XR Review – Saying goodbye to Android, forever

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Apple iPhone XR Review – Saying goodbye to Android, forever. iPhone Xr – a new 6.1-inch smartphone Apple, which was presented at the presentation on September 12. The iPhone Xr received a 6.1-inch LCD Liquid Retina in the style of the iPhone X, a system on the flagship A12 processor, support for the revolutionary Face ID recognition function, a single but improved camera, 3 GB of RAM, wireless charging support and many other noteworthy features. In this review, all the details about the new iPhone Xr were told.

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Apple iPhone XR models:

Of all three new Apple smartphones of the 2018 model, it was the 6.1-inch iPhone Xr that was most secretive in terms of name. For a long time the novelty was simply called the “iPhone” without any additions, then for a long time the name of the iPhone 9 was established, and immediately the phone was called iPhone XC just a couple of weeks before the presentation.

Apple decided to surprise and gave the smartphone completely untypical name iPhone Xr. Previously, not one iPhone has received such a prefix “r”, because of what the name of the novelty looks unusual.

Apple iPhone XR unibody:

iPhone Xr almost completely adopted the design of the iPhone X. The smartphone received a case with slightly rounded corners. The back and front surfaces of the case are covered with a protected glass, connects their aluminum frame.

Here it is worth noting the first significant difference in the design of the iPhone Xr and last year’s iPhone X. In the jubilee “top ten” the glass was joined by a frame of stainless surgical steel. The iPhone Xr has the same aluminum frame – it’s cheaper, not so scratch-resistant and shiny. Looking ahead, we must say that the iPhone Xr has a lot of similar differences from the iPhone X. It is due to them that the smartphone is cheaper than Apple’s flagships.

The iPhone Xr’s aluminum connection frame, not the steel one, does not mean that the edges of the case will quickly scratch. Similar frameworks are equipped with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Complaints that they have a reduced resistance to scratches have been reported.

iPhone Xr slightly, but still more than the iPhone X. The case of the smartphone feels slightly stretched due to the fact that the device’s display is full-format and almost without frames.

Almost on the entire face of the iPhone Xr is a large 6.1-inch display. The side and bottom frames of the display are almost completely absent. In this regard, the smartphone and there is no button “Home”, neither physical nor sensory. The upper frame remains noticeable, but it has large notches on the sides.

After releasing the iPhone Xr, Apple finally said goodbye to the button “Home” and the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. All three new iPhone models of 2018 are equipped with support for face recognition, which has proven itself in the iPhone X.


Apple iPhone XR display:

The iPhone Xr is equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD Liquid Retina display. The aspect ratio of the screen is 18: 9, and the resolution is 1792 × 828 pixels (the density of pixels per inch 326). The display of the iPhone Xr is spread over more than 82% of the front surface of the case. To achieve this result, Apple succeeded at the expense of reducing the scope.

Unlike the iPhone X, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max, the 6.1-inch iPhone Xr has a LCD. Apple used a screen of this type in the smartphone in order to reduce its cost. LCD displays are much cheaper to manufacture than OLED displays.

Despite the fact that the display of the iPhone Xr is not based on OLED technology, it supports the company’s Apple True Tone technology. This means that the screen in automatic mode monitors the level of illumination and changes the temperature of the display so that the user is most comfortable to look at the display.

Apple iPhone XR specification:

At the heart of the iPhone Xr is the newest Apple A12 processor. Its key features are significantly improved performance and energy efficiency.

This processor is quite unusual, it is made using the state-of-the-art 7-nanometer process FinFET. At the time of the release of the iPhone Xr (as well as two other new Apple smartphones: iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max), no other mobile device had such an advanced processor.

The system on the A12 processor provides the iPhone Xr with a fast working speed. The smartphone runs up to 70% faster than the iPhone X thanks to the new chip. The difference in performance occurred everywhere, starting from the banal launch of applications and games, ending with the speed of video processing.

The iPhone Xr is one of the three fastest smartphones in the world. The other two are the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, which are somewhat faster due to the increased amount of RAM.

iPhone Xr is equipped with 3 GB “RAM”, which the smartphone should be plenty and to store dozens of applications in the clear, and for quick work with the camera.


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Apple iPhone XR storages:

iPhone Xr is released immediately in three versions: with 64, 128 and 256 GB of memory. For comparison, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, whose direct successor is essentially the iPhone Xr, are only available in two configurations: with 64 and 256 GB of memory.

The appearance of an average storage volume indicates the desire of Apple to provide customers with the opportunity to flexibly choose a model for a pocket.

Apple iPhone XR battery life and charging:

The battery capacity of the iPhone Xr is not currently installed – it will have to disassemble the smartphone, since Apple does not disclose this figure. But it is already clear that the capacity has grown in comparison with previous models. The iPhone Xr says the time is up to 25 hours of talk time. The smartphone works for as long as 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone Xr supports fast charging. From 0 to 50% smartphone will be charged in just 30 minutes. In the arsenal and wireless charging, but not accelerated, like the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max.

Apple iPhone XR camera features:

The main camera iPhone Xr with a wide-angle lens and has a resolution of 12 megapixels and aperture f / 1.8. Immediately it is worth noting that this is not the same camera as last year’s iPhone 8, although the main characteristics are similar. The smartphone has a camera that is identical to the cameras of the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max with a wide-angle lens.

The iPhone Xr camera supports a five-time digital zoom, a second-generation portrait mode (improved bokeh effect) and a new “Depth” function. The latest feature allows you to edit photos taken in portrait mode, even after shooting.

The camera has a six-lens and supports optical image stabilization. Next to the camera is a True Tone Quad-LED flash with Slow Sync. Traditionally, the lens is protected by a sapphire crystal.

Like the more expensive iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max, the iPhone Xr can shoot video and record stereo sound. The maximum resolution when shooting video is 4K at a rate of 60 frames per second. Optical image stabilization works also during video shooting.

The front camera TrueDepth has a resolution of 7 megapixels and aperture f / 2.2. Like any other TrueDepth camera, the iPhone Xr model supports portrait mode for capturing selfies with the depth-of-field effect.

Apple iPhone XR Review – Saying goodbye to Android, forever!!!

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