Apple Watch 2 Review. One month with Nike+ Series.

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Apple Watch 2 Review. One month with Nike+ Series. Hello everyone. Today I want to share my personal opinion by Apple Watch 2 Nike+. Open the box, pull out the watches, sit down comfortable and let’s go.

Apple Watch 2 Review: Design

Honestly, sometimes they look as if they could be designed for kids. It doesn’t have that solidity and firmness. It feels like a plastic, although it’s aluminum. Maybe that’s because of lightness of the material.

The difference between Apple Watch and Apple Watch Nike+ is a special Nike sport strap. Strap is very light and elastic, but also firm and breathable. For sportsman it’s very important. New smartwatches by Apple look incredible.

Apple Watch 2 Review: Display

Apple Watch Series 2 OLED-display became brighter – 1000 nits. Apple says, it’s the brightest display, which company have ever created. Display is clearly visible in the darkness and bright sunlight. It’s really cool and comfortable. Sometimes it’s easier to answer SMS by watches in stead of phone.

Apple Watch 2 Review: is apple watch 2 waterproof

Apple Watch Nike+ withstands water without any difficulties. Waterproofness in Apple products become better an better, so you can swim wherever you want: swimming pool, lake, river or sea. You don’t have to worry about it. It will work properly.

If we talk about water, let’s don’t forget about genius system of water ejecting. After swimming you just need to turn the ball and dynamic will vibrate an all water will be pushed out.

With Apple Watches you can run, ride a bicycle or do other activities without your smartphone. GPS-module will care about all your achievements. It works perfect. If you are person, who sits a lot, this device is for you. Watches constantly remind you to move. It cares about your health. If you are worried, Apple product will advise you to sit down and relax.

How long to charge Apple Watch 2:
My experience: Recharging the Apple Watch 2 to 80% takes 1 hour and a 100% full charge takes 2.5 – 3 hours.

Apple Watch 2 Review: Battery Life:
Apple Watch 2 Battery Life – 1-2 days. The big thickness and weight of the watches there are because of GPS-module and increased smash of accumulator. Exactly because of accumulator Apple watches can be faster and have the brightest display. In offline mode they work about 2 days.

Apple Watch 2 Review: Price strategy
Only one thing confuses me, it’s animation. When I turn on my watches and work with them I feel like I’m playing with kids toy. It’s difficult to say exactly, lack of what there is, but something repels me. But don’t forget, that’s my personal opinion. In future, I think, I will get used to it. Of course, in comparison with past model, our new device is quite better.

To conclude, I want to share my view on it. In general, I think, that new Apple Watch showed us great results. They are completely worthy to be the best smartwatches of 2016. Apple company, as always, released a great product. Next time to Apple Watch 3. 🙂

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