Apple’s Authentication Chip for Lightning Cable Has Been Successfully Cloned

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Is it true that iPhone 5 Lightning Cable knockoffs won’t work? Probably not. What you are seeing here is the world’s first-ever fully functional third party Lightning Cable that is introduced by a Chinese company who has successfully cloned Apple’s Lightning Cable. This third party Lightning Cable is capable of doing the same functionalities as the original Apple Lightning Cable and even more (it glows!!!).

It can charge and sync your iPhone 5, or iPod touch 5th-generation, with Lightning connector to your Mac or Windows PC. And best of all, it comes along with a dock. And the whole thing is named — The Flash Lightning Dock. Check out this phenomenal accessory for iPhone 5 in action in the video below.

UPDATE: Looks like heavy traffic crashed the store or Apple retaliated with an orbital bombardment. Stay tuned to iPhone5mod for updates.

As presented in the video, this Flash Lightning Dock is able to charge & sync an iPhone 5 without any issues. Yup, it really works, just drag and drop content from the iTunes library onto the iPhone 5 to sync, while the iPhone 5 sits at an 8-degree angle on the dock, which sounds like a good fit for those using their phone for video chat, or listening to phone calls in speaker phone mode while being connected on the dock. And perhaps the most coolest feature of the Flash Lightning Dock is the included glowing Lightning cable.

First, the glowing Lightning cable can be used independently or with the dock. And the glowing Lighting cable seems to be inspired by the animated glowing iPhone USB cable which we see neat lights running along the cable while it’s charging. This glowing Lightning cable here glows with electric blue light while it is charging or syncing. Here’s something interesting. The lights actually change speed based on the battery capacity of the iPhone 5, with the animated lights moving quicker the lower the battery charge is, and finally stopping motion (lights off) when the iPhone 5 is fully charger.

The iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock kit includes a white dock with Lightning Connector which is of similar appearance and design as Apple’s white 30-pin dock

According to iPhone5Mod, the included glowing Lightning Cable fully supports iTunes, Data Sync, Battery Charging for iPhone 5 and even supports all future iOS upgrades.

So, is this the end of Apple’s Authentication Chips? Chinese manufacturers are trying their best to clone the Lighting Cable, an We are all excited to see more creative iPhone 5 Lightning accessories coming ahead, but bare in mind that Apple will try all means to stop them in order to get an MFi licensing fee from the Chinese suppliers. Nevertheless this Flash Lightning Dock is a major breakthrough. You can get the full set for $59.9 $39.9 or separately. The dock for iPhone 5 is $19.9 standalone and the illuminated Lightning Cable standalone is $19.90 at the source link below.

The site has slashed the price from original $59.9 to $39.9 shortly after we posted the article.

As you might recall, this is the same company who sold kits to make iPhone 4/4S models look like what the next iPhone is speculated to look like before even Apple announces iPhone 5.

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