FIIL Headphones Price in USA, Canada, Europe

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FIIL Headphones Price in USA, Canada, Europe. Beats Clone. In the world there are many brands of headphones, but one of the best known and most popular is the Beats, which is owned by company Apple is now. But soon, he may receive a competitor from China.

A well-known Chinese rock singer and one of the judges of the local version of the TV show “The Voice” Wang Feng in the past year opened company FIIL headphone production. At the moment, most of the products FIIL members are residents of mainland China, but Wang Feng inspired by the success of DJI, Xiaomi, OnePlus and other Chinese companies that intend to enter the international market.
The first step was the launch of wireless headphones sport Karat Pro on via Kickstarter. A feature of these headphones is that in addition to playing music, they can in real time to track your heart rate, overcome distance, number of steps and duration of your workout.

FIIL Headphones Price in USA:  $259.00
FIIL Headphones Price in Canada:  CAD $384.00
FIIL Headphones Price in Europe:  €234.57
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