Five seconds, just five seconds, all the iPhones 6S are gone!

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Five seconds, just five seconds, all the iPhones 6S are gone!

Like what we have reported previously, the sales of iPhone 6S is messing up in Hong Kong. No kidding at all! It is almost impossible to purchase an iPhone 4S over here, because all the iPhones go straight into scalpers’ stock inventory. Check out the inside story after the break.

We previously reported Chinese scalpers use a “special” Windows software for bulk iPhone purchases, and today, we discover the way they work with the software.
So first of all, the reason why a team of scalpers have so many Apple user IDs is that the accounts are purchased from Hong Kong citizens. A Hong Kong citizen will get paid for 600 HKD (about $76.90) for providing an Apple user ID to a scalper. However, he/she needs to provide his/her credit card details, national (Hong Kong) ID number, and Hong Kong home address to the scalpers too. If you are willing to give them these details, you will get $70 of “reward”. But you can only do this kind of business for once, because Apple will jot down your Apple ID details after you have made a purchase of iPhones. Apple is doing this to avoid customers to purchase the iPhone 6S repeatedly. Namely, the Apple user ID and Hong Kong ID that you are providing to scalpers have to be a clean sheet that has not made any purchase for an iPhone previously. We have no idea how are the scalpers going to find this out though.

When you have given your personal information to the scalpers, you are no longer valuable to them. But you may consider to lobby your friends or your mates to sell their info to the scalpers as well. If you have successfully introduced more than 10 people to the scalpers, you can earn 100 HKD ($13) per head, which means 1,000 HKD ($128) in total. And that’s how scalpers grab thousands and thousands of Apple user IDs to pre-order and reserve iPhones.

We are VERY curious of why there are actually people willing to give their credit card details, personal ID number, and some other private details to these scalpers who are comparable to strangers. What kind of magic does the scalpers use ?

Selling your info to scalpers is not the only way to earn those easy money. You can actually become one of the scalpers as well. How ? Buy the Automated Booking Program, a Windows software that allows you to bulk purchase iPhones. But the bottom line is you have to work for them and the software is extremely expensive, it costs about $2,000 HKD (around $256), and there is no way that you can buy the program for personal use.

If all these doesn’t sounds good to you, then maybe the Apple Store app is better for you. Hong Kong citizens are saying that chances are higher if you use iPhone’s Apple Store app to reserve an iPhone. Perhaps yes, because the app is based on HTML 5. And we found a man who has “slightly modified” the Apple Store app, allowing the app to refresh the “Reserve iPhone 6S” page automatically without tapping any buttons. He called it “Hong kong Apple store iPhone 4d detecting program” and selling the modify app illegally.

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