Hello new iPhone, What is your name?

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One week ago, we wrote our information about new iPhone models specifications. After that, some of online home pages wrote this leaked information, but with naccurate information.

We wrote:

It’s mean that Apple will be released two, not three models.

We wrote the news about this, but we did not mean that the Apple would release a new product with name “iPhone 8”. We wrote that Apple will be released two products, but name isn’t confirmed. We asked our Foxconn’s partner for additional information and he confirmed that the name is not yet known. Will the new product have the name iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S? But at the this moment in the one of main Foxconn department, there are conversations that the new product will have an unusual name for us. What is meant by this isn’t yet known, but it shows that it is hardly worth waiting for the name iPhone 7S. At the this moment, we can only approve one, the Apple will release two new iPhones. iPhone 8 or iPhone?

to be continued …

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