How does Dark Mode work on IOS 13


Apple’s iOS 13 coming soon… 3-th June, 2019. There are a lot of rumors that in iOS 13 will appear a full dark mode, which will please many users. Now on social networks there are concept photos of the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI with a dark mode. Images are based on rumors and fusion of information, so that they may not correspond to reality.

What Apple is working on may be completely different from this concept. Nevertheless, nobody forbids us to fantasize. In the images we can see the familiar design.

Most of all, the beautiful dark regime catches the eye. This is not just a color inversion, but a full-fledged system mode that darkens the entire interface. We can see the control point with a dark mode, and the colored outlines around the icons really look beautiful. Perhaps something like this will appear in iOS 13 this year. Last year, Apple added a dark mode in macOS Mojave, perhaps the same is expected by iOS.

iOS 13 release date – 3-th June, 2019 

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