How to distinguish original AirPods from fake

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How to distinguish original Apple AirPods from fake? We have repeatedly told you about the resourcefulness of manufacturers from China, producing copies of AirPods, which have learned not only to copy the appearance of headphones, but also their functionality.

Now it is perfectly normal to meet on the market a Chinese copy, which not only has support for wireless charging and is able to use Siri. At the same time, the greeting animation on the iPhone screen, which the Chinese learned to call a few years ago, is difficult to distinguish from the original. So, how to distinguish the original AirPods from fake? – You can find out if your chosen instance of AirPods is a fake, on the site of Apple itself. How? Read more…

How to check AirPods by serial number:

– Follow this link to the service and support eligibility verification page;
– Open the AirPods cover and look for the serial number, which is located on the inside;
– If your headphones are already connected to your iPhone, go to SettingsGeneralAbout this deviceAirPods;
– Rewrite the serial number in the input line, then enter the security code and click “Continue”;
– If the AirPods are original, you will see a page confirming the originality of the product, if not, the site will give an error.

Despite the fact that the Chinese have learned to deceive iOS, forcing it to react to the fake as real headphones and cause system animation, to infiltrate the database with serial numbers they have so far, fortunately, failed.

Therefore, if you managed to buy online new AirPods with a good discount, just check the serial number on the Apple website. If the seller refuses you this, most likely the headphones are fake or there is something wrong with them.

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