How To Turn Off iCloud Automatic Backup

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If you make iOS backup via iCloud, disable the iCloud automatic
backup after performing the backup. This will stop any unnecessary
backup made after your upgrade. This is an important step, as your
initial iCloud backup may be overwritten by an incomplete or backed up
phone in a failed state.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about installing new versions of iOS, updating them, downgrading and restoring data.

How To Turn Off iCloud Automatic Backup:

Step 1: “Settings” → “iCloud”

Step 2: Click “Backup”

Step 3: You will find the
switch button. Turn it off and confirm.

Step 4: Done.

Reinstalling a system or buying a new computer for many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners results in the loss of backups of devices made by iTunes.

Not everyone knows that in this case, all the necessary information can be recovered from the cloud copy, and it can be parsed as well as the iTunes backup into separate files needed in a particular situation.

In this manual, we will consider the possibility of saving and post-processing a backup of a mobile device running iOS from iCloud.

The data stored in the iCloud backup can be useful in a variety of situations. They will be especially useful if you do not have access to your computer on which you backed up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in iTunes or deleted these copies along with the installation of fresh Windows.

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