iOS 10 Jailbreak. What’s new.

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iOS 10 Jailbreak has very big future. Apple will be released their iOS 10 beta with new features in June. Lots of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners will be looking on the web last version of iOS 10 Jailbreak tools. It’s very interesting because only Chinese jailbreak team can do it.

Geohot (first jailbreak creator)

Evad3rs (iOS 6 jailbreak creators)

We know that all american jailbreak makers closed their plans to jailbreak, but only chinese jailbreakers (like Pangu team) have big plans in jailbreak scene. Sorry, but at this moment we don’t have possibilities ti speak with Pangu Team about iOS 10 jailbreak, but we know that we can do it later. We can remember George Hozt (aka Geohot), Chronic Dev Team, iPhone Dev Team, Evad3rs Team. It’s very cool teams, but they can’t plans to jailbreak. 🙁

Why a lots of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch owners want to make Jailbreak? Cracked apps? Cydia Tweaks? New Settings? If you see last polls about why people make jailbreak, most popular answer now is similar like four year ago – cracked apps. Yes, yes.

So. We know that iOS 10 release date isn’t confirmed, but we also know that Apple every year open their plans about last version of iOS in June on WWDC. Don’t forget, all iOS 10 beta download links we will be upload and posted here.

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