iOS 10 Size vs iOS 9.

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iOS 10 size vs iOS 9. Earlier this week, Apple introduced a new iOS 10 of its mobile operating system. As part of the main presentation of the company said is not all the features of iOS 10, so the network is literally pop up daily some new details. Every day we can see new features in iOS 10. Sometimes they are strange.

iOS 10 size vs iOS 9 on iPhone 128GB: 

The iOS 10 takes
an average of about 8% less space than iOS 9. In the case of the iPhone
with 128 GB of internal memory with built-in iOS 9.3.2 users were
available roughly 113 GB, whereas after installing the first beta iOS 10
Accessible capacity grew to 121 GB.

iOS 10 size vs iOS 9 on iPhone 16GB:

with 16 GB after installing iOS 9 had 11.9 GB, whereas iOS provides 10
GB of memory 12.85. On average, depending on the device growth is 8%.

iOS 10 size vs iOS 9. Today it became known that Apple’s developers tried to minimize the weight of its operating system. According to the feedback of users who have already managed to get acquainted with iOS 10, it takes up less space in the memory of the iPhone and iPad than last “old” iOS 9.

It’s very strange. Why? Read more… Why we can see that different situation? 128GB vs 16GB.

According to Apple, iOS 10 is “the biggest release of the most advanced mobile operating system in the world.” Apple in iOS 10 updated application “Messages”, which appeared in features such as stickers and effects that appear on the screen. It improved Siri interaction with applications, but Apple’s the Music, “Maps”, “Photos”, “News” received a new look. In addition, added the application to control the house “smart” household appliances. If you have iPhone, iPad from iOS 10 supported devices list, you can try it now via iOS 10 Download links. You can install iOS 10 without developer account.

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