iOS 14 has new iCloud Keychain features

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In the code of the iOS system 14, which was leaked a few weeks ago, experts of the edition 9to5mac has uncovered information that the service “iCloud keychain” will undergo a lot of changes. Recall that this function is designed to store user passwords of different sites and applications, and allows you to sync them between devices running macOS and iOS.

In the new version of the Keychain, you will see warnings that a particular password is being reused. This is a very useful feature, because repeated password use can lead to the fact that knowing the password for a single site or application, an attacker can use the information obtained to log in to all accounts protected by this password.

There will also be a new tool for working with two-factor authentication codes. Users will be able to log in to accounts with two-step authentication only via a “key Ring”, without the need for confirmation by SMS.

Extending the icloud keychain functionality will help Apple compete with third-party credential storage services such as 1Password. The iOS 14 operating system, which includes the updated iCloud keychain, is likely to be introduced in the fall, along with the new generation of iPhones.

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